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The ‘Magic Kingdom’ is crashing

This is just an opinion but, it sure seems a lot of government misanthropes associated with BO in the White House are showing up on FOX for interviews. Jeh Johnson showed up at FOX for an interview with Bret Baier;

Homeland Security Sec’y Johnson: ‘Secret Service Agency Merits an Independent Review’

Jen Psaki smiled her way through an interview with Megan Kelly…via

Obama: My Policies Are On The Ballot This Election 

How can they not be? It is the policies of his administration that have the world in a big mess. Always insulting and demeaning to anyone who thinks differently. Always with the attack dogs who keep shouting down reasonable questions. Always embroiled in scandals. Always loathe to do the job required which is to represent all of us, not just the few. Always lying to the public whether he needs to or not. Always blaming someone else for his decisions and failures. For some reason he thinks we will just vote Democrat to save his horrible-no good-destructive policies that have hurt everyone but his cronies and the top 10%. Obamacare is still hated by 60% of the populace who do not believe ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to healthcare.

Every single thing this president has tried has failed. BO its_not_my_fault

Every single thing this president has tried or promised has failed. The economy? Fail. Transparency in government? Fail. Easing racial tension? Fail. Ending war? Fail. Winning Afghanistan? Fail.

Hell, he could not even pull off the Beer Summit between Professor Gates and the white cop. It ended with no one conceding anything.

The only two things he got right in nearly 6 years is his 2009 NCAA bracket and killing that fly on TV.

The Democratic plan was simple: Hide behind the black guy, pass a bunch of socialist crapola and wait for the crowd to applaud. Anyone who doesn’t like it will be branded a racist.

There was just one problem with the Democratic Party programs: They didn’t work.

I hope to hell the election is referendum on this president’s policies because not one has worked. Not one.

Yes, indeed BO’s Magic Kingdom is crumbling while Dems and the LSM do their level best to cover for him.  “Modern journalism is all about deciding which facts the public shouldn’t know because they might reflect badly on Democrats.”


    • Note: The “gaffe” is the apology he made for speaking the truth.

  1. running out the clock on another scandal involving the IRS and Goolsbee…can’t make this stuff up

  2. Irony alert…same ‘Magic Kingdom’

    The irony arose when the reporter spoke to local Ferguson residents. The common theme among those interviewed was outrage that local businesses–you know, the ones that had been relentlessly looted and vandalized by local residents–had not hurried to rebuild and offer jobs to local residents. Huh. Who knew that robbing and burning local businesses might prove a disincentive to them investing and hiring in the community!…[snip]

    In any case, the fault is clearly that of the looted/burned businesses. As one local young man puts it, if they don’t come back and rebuild these businesses, “there’s going to be hell to pay.”

    They are particularly upset that they now have to drive miles out of the way to access the products and services that used to be provided locally . . . by the businesses looted and burned down by local residents. Oops.

    • It’s called “shitting inone’s own nest.”. Most species don’t.

  3. OH, a leading indicator of what to expect in November?

    “Mr. Kasich holds a 22-point lead, 57 percent to Democratic challenger Ed FitzGerald’s 35 percent, the poll said. The survey is its first this cycle to concentrate on those who say they are likely to vote, not just those who are registered.

    In addition to getting support from 89 percent of Republicans, Mr. Kasich would pick up 59 percent of independents and 25 percent of Democrats, the poll said.

    “Not only is Governor Kasich getting a healthy share of Democrats, but he also has a double-digit lead among women, something almost unheard of in this era of the gender gap,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Connecticut-based Quinnipiac University Poll.”


  4. Even though Biden is right about the funding for Islamic terrorism coming from Islamic countries, now is not the time to speak out….Dems had their chance to do that and blew it.

  5. RIIIIIIIGHT….only 31% approve of Obamacare,

  6. Victor Davis Hanson lays it all out …….this is what the historical record will say about BO…

  7. From the OC Register…..political patronage and payback big in the ‘Era of Obama’.

    “Of course, there’s another explanation. Rather than falling prey to laziness or negligence, President Obama may have been too busy doing something else. In fact, the evidence is strong that another set of priorities has taken its toll on his ability to function as a competent chief executive.

    Many have noted the rise of crony capitalism during Obama’s tenure. Few have pinned the blame on Mr. Obama’s own preferred style of patronage politics, wherein governance is a matter of doling out favors, subsidies, advantages and access to privileged friends and pliant underlings. That in itself is a full-time job – one that consistently requires a chief executive to take his eye off the ball.”

  8. This is the real Muslim outreach happening every single day all over the world….

    “It was invoked in the United States 23 years ago during the Palestinian Intifada. Fawaz Damra, a Cleveland imam since deported, was raising money for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, routing the money through a charity called the Islamic Committee for Palestine. Giving money, he told his audience, was as good as taking to the battlefield.

    God says, the Messenger, God’s blessing and peace be upon him, says, ‘Whoever equipped a raider for the sake of God, has himself raided.’ Whoever donates for a mujahid so that he may throw stones, is as if he too is fighting the Holy War, and will be rewarded like him, even if he stays home. ‘Whoever equipped a raider for the sake of God, has himself raided’ … This is the Islamic Jihad Movement. I say to you to donate, so that this money will serve you with God.

    In the Netherlands and Belgium, contributions, which are gathered through social media efforts, are directed exclusively at terrorism suspects, Ramesar writes, pointing to Dutch and Belgian Twitter and Facebook fundraising campaigns such as “Free Aseer” and “Project A.”

    Dutch authorities earlier this year agreed to stop all welfare payments to those who had already gone to Syria, as well as to some arrested on charges of planning to make the trip. Muslim radicals convicted of terrorist activity have also had their accounts frozen or seized.”

  9. Oh yes he did say that

  10. Piers Morgan wants to know ‘What the hell is Obama doing?’

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