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“Completely Out of Control”

From Morning Joe via Free Beacon. 64% say “things in America are out of control”.

On with Chris Wallace’ Fox News Sunday via Hot Air

Salon likes the jihadists and their state counterparts. Calls any condemnation of Islam a “hateful attack.

Oh no, say it isn’t so… Heh

Yep, smartest man ever…

And, from Josh Earnest via Townhall

“The stakes for this election are high which is why you’ve seen the President so invested in raising money and trying to lend some organizational expertise to other Democratic candidates. In some cases he’s campaigned for them. The President is dedicated to supporting candidate who support a middle class agenda that he has strongly advocated,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Tuesday. “What I’m saying is that individual candidates across the country are running their own campaigns as they should and I’m confident that they will get all of the credit or blame that they deserve for the outcome of the election. I’m also confident that people will evaluate what the President could have done to be helpful. Did he do all he could to raise as much money for Democratic candidates given all of the challenges that are on his plate? And the President has worked very hard.”

The ONLY middle class agenda BO has is to tax them to death and make them pay exorbitant costs for Obamacare, none of which are affordable.


  1. But now many on the political left are openly critical of the president, notably for his close ties to the moguls of Wall Street and Silicon Valley. These moguls have been the predominant beneficiaries of his economic policies while middle-class incomes have continued to languish – and even fall.

    The only thing BO will be remembered for is being “the first black president”. His legacy, based on his terms of office, will be an embarrassment for years to come. Which really does prove voting based on the color of one’s skin is never a good idea. BO is just a community agitator, nothing more, and never was presidential material.

  2. Eric Holder wants you to know how “personally” he takes it that massive gun control laws weren’t enacted by Congress to deprive you of your guaranteed rights under Constitutional Law. His idea of “failure”.

  3. SS crew has figured out a very secure way to keep Preezy safe….”lock the door” to the residency. Can’t make this stuff up..

  4. *snicker*….

    Pollsters have noted that Mr Obama’s popularity has declined even with those key demographics like women and minorities that twice propelled him to the White House.

    A poll last month found that women now disapprove of the president by a 50pc to 44pc margin, a near reversal of Mr Obama’s 55-44pc advantage among women in the 2012 race, according to the Washington Post/ABC News survey.

    Having ducked the chance to push immigration reform, the same poll found his support among Hispanics had fallen nearly 20 points since the summer of 2013.

    The African-American electorate is more dependable – 87pc still approve of the president – but the difficulty is motivating black voters to turn out in a non-presidential election year.

    A recently leaked memo by a former Obama pollster predicted “crushing losses” if Democrats failed to mobilise the black vote – but also found that half of black Americans did not even know when elections were taking place.

  5. Feminist are such haters, use little girls to push agenda, despicable….Warning: foul language

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