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They can’t help themselves, still stuck in the 60s. The Dems are so hostile and embarrassing sending out fliers and mailers that are just plain “creepy”. Using threats and the race card is a sign of desperation.  They have nothing to offer except veiled threats.

Public radio host Colin McEnroe wrote in his Hartford Courantcolumn Thursday: “Just when you thought this campaign season couldn’t sink any lower or become any more repulsive, the Connecticut Democrats have found a new crack they can slither down into.”

“The tone of the mailings is chilling, like something you’d get from Stasi in East Berlin in 1967,” McEnroe wrote. “‘Who you vote for is private, but whether or not you vote is public record,’ it says.”

“And then: ‘We will be reviewing these records after the election to determine whether or not you joined your neighbor in voting.’


The left loves misery, not theirs, yours. They will use anything to denigrate, divide and abuse those who disagree with them. Libertarians, Ultra conservatives and Centrists need to think more about what can stop the leftist march rather than what divides us. Yes, you may have to hold your nose and vote for the less than perfect candidate. But, it’s the only way to stop the destruction of leftist policies and the subjugation of all of us. Moral Lepers  read it all

The left, showing its shallowness and lack of morals, chooses to defend people guilty of real, heinous crimes. They make martyrs of people who robbed convenience stores and attacked cops. They enshrine politicians who grow rich at the public expense while talking about the plight of the poor. They embraced racists, and gave them long lives in the democratic party. And they embrace feminists no matter how horrible their blogs or stories are, including those that advocate the elimination of all males or stories (MANY. Do your homework) that imply all men are evil because penis.

This is because they have no principles and no ideas. So the “Democrat” or “communist” or “socialist” label makes someone’s thoughts “safe” even when despicable. (And the fact that communist and socialist are “safe” labels tells you how much they will swallow, because those two regimes always end in blood, faster or slower, overt or covert.)

So by allowing them to Mao Mao the right into splintering and isolating, we’re allowing the truly bad, truly disgusting, truly immiserating ideas to prevail. We’re allowing innocents to think that the SJWs have some sort of moral high ground. We’re allowing the destruction of civilization.


It’s Not Him, It’s You

Explanations for Obama’s failures vary in their honesty and persuasiveness, of course. Mary Landrieu represents the more hackish end of the spectrum. Borrowing a line from the New York Times editorial board, Landrieu blamed it all on southern racism and sexism. In fairness, she was speaking specifically about Louisianans — you know, her constituents. But she helpfully managed to throw all of the South under the bus as well. Hey, if you’re going to go down in a blaze of glory, why be stingy with the kerosene?

Of course, the problem with this theory is that Obama is unpopular across America and in at least 43 states. Even the most generous definition of “southern racist” won’t get you that far in explaining his unpopularity in Wisconsin or Michigan. Moreover, for his numbers to be so bad, it means lots of people who voted for him once or even twice must now disapprove of him. Did all of these independents and moderate Republicans wake up one morning and decide to cut some eyeholes in their pillowcases and become Klansmen?

To everyone who supports that ugliness, that dog won’t hunt anymore. May be you should get out more often, climb down from your Ivory Towers and join the rest of us in the melting pot. It’s just so damned embarrassing to hear Rep Lewis and Rep Rangel use this as a vote getter. Newsflash to all the Dems racebaiting, it is one of the reasons I ran from the Dem Party and will never go back. Who wants to belong to a party that treats certain segments of the populace like trash until they need their votes.


State Senator Guillory has something to say as well in answer to Landrieu et al


All it takes is ‘Death By Chocolate” cake to amuse the media. Prefer that to a briefing….jerks









  1. Child poverty in U.S. is at highest point in 20 years, report finds ….

  2. I do believe this whole Preezy thing has gone to BO’s Head….tabloid news claims MO tossed him out of Big White….

  3. Like Susanna Martinez…shocked to find out he is a conservative…I know how he feels…

  4. What Obama really wants….read it and decide

    Yet, the imperial presidency of Obama and his “I have a pen and a phone” executive overreach has been doggedly pursuing this perverse global vision. Obama has sought to bring life to this Frankenstein creation of non-participatory globalist government that dismisses the constitutional order and the citizen self-government intended by our Founding Fathers. Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America” program aligns with U.N. goals in its acceptance of open borders and expanded rights for illegal aliens, socialized medicine, income redistribution, subordination of the American justice system to international law, unilateral disarmament and other policies designed to weaken America.

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  5. Dems really need a trouncing…it might just humble them a bit…arrogance is their downfall…Joni Ernst up by 7, Reid whining and gnashing his teeth…love it

  6. Campaign and lie to get votes…the Chicago Way, MO has no shame

    “Michelle Obama campaigned in a “Get Out the Vote” event for Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin and Rep. Cheri Bustos.

    Obama urged those attending to get to the polls and to encourage their friends and relatives to vote as part of her “1 Million Votes for 2014” initiative.

    “This is not about me. This is about you,” Obama said.

    She stressed that many are tight races taking place and that every vote counts. She also spoke of the need to continue supporting education and creating new jobs.

    She continually advocated for all three candidates, Quinn, Durbin and Bustos. Obama said 10 million new jobs have been created in Illinois in recent years.

    “And we are here to keep this state in the right direction,” she said to thunderous applause. “And this state is leading the nation in job creation.”

    Illinois is ranked number 42 out of the 50 states in job creation since 2009 when Obama took over.

  7. “A new kind of ‘hell to pay’ ” ….bet on it

    The lazy media is at last noticing the incompetence and impotence. No one — well, almost no one — is any longer charmed by the smooth-talking butter-and-egg man from the South Side of Chicago. Editors and reporters are terrified of getting sick, just like everyone else. “The effort to fight Ebola needs a leader,” observes the usually faithful New Yorker magazine, and the clear implication is that there isn’t one. The president’s Ebola czar, like everyone else, is running from the sound of the sneeze.

    The “what was he thinking” moments accumulate. Why did the president, usually so scornful of nation-building, dispatch the Army to West Africa for bedpan duty, as important as bedpan duty may be? Why send soldiers 4,600 miles from home without a clear, and clearly understood, plan for getting them out and bringing them home? The president insists that there must be no quarantines for doctors and nurses returning from Ebola duty, but the Defense Department has ordered a 21-day quarantine for soldiers returning from such duty.

    The commander in chief, departing Washington for campaign duty in Wisconsin, scoffed at the notion that there’s a contradiction. “First of all,” he said, “[the soldiers] are not treating patients. Second of all, they are not there voluntarily. It’s part of their mission that’s been assigned to them by their commanders and ultimately by me.” Only this commander in chief would make such a cold remark, the implication being that his troops are fodder and “the health-care professionals” are not.

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  8. We have all been “in quarantine” for the last 5 days with a horrendous cold. We cancelled all work and have stayed isolated to keep from frightening anyone or passing it along. All of our customers have expressed their gratitude. Ebola has so many people frightened we felt it was the right thing to do.


    The former director of the National Counterterrorism Center, Michael Leiter, said last Sunday: “We don’t have enough FBI agents who understand Islam.”

    Whose fault is that? In October 2011, the Obama administration banned all mention of Islam and jihad in connection with terrorism from counterterror training, for the FBI as well as other agencies. Counter-terror trainers who had trained FBI and military personnel to understand the motives and goals of the jihadis (including me) were let go.

    And now three years later, the former director of the National Counterterrorism Center laments that we don’t have enough FBI agents who understand Islam. But that is what the Obama administration wanted. They wanted an FBI full of agents who didn’t know anything about Islam, because they wanted to pretend that Islam had no connection with terrorism. And now Leiter wonders why agents don’t know anything about Islam.

    Leiter’s solution? He also said Sunday: “We don’t have enough Muslim FBI agents.” And no doubt when they are hired, there will be no serious attempt to determine whether these agents have any sympathies for or ties to the global jihad. The vetting agents won’t know how to make such determinations, and to make too thorough an investigation would be “Islamophobic.”

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