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People think they are being ruled and not governed, tired of arrogance and mishandling of every single issue foreign or domestic. Tired of the race baiting and misogyny coming out of the D-words mouths. Tired of not finding full time jobs because of Obamacare.


Charges of racism and fear tactics

Campaign materials aimed at getting out the black vote are featuring references to lynchings, Jim Crow-era signs, racial unrest — and, as of last weekend, the Ku Klux Klan.

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After years of mass immigration, falling wages, and surging joblessness, isn’t it time we focused on the needs of the people living here today? Isn’t it time we got our own people back to work?

But these cosmopolitan elites, these great citizens of the world, turn a blind eye to the suffering and poverty in their own backyards. These “Masters of the Universe” have forgotten that a nation owes its first loyalty to its own citizens.

And they want you to believe that you can’t win.

America’s future, our kids,

After six years of “hope and change,” two recent polls expose the depth of American gloom about the future. In what The Washington Post described as “a stunning indication of the historic uncertainty and pessimism coursing through the public,” an August NBC-Wall Street Journal poll found that 76 percent of the American people do not feel confident that their children will have a better life than they do.


BO doesn’t like you very much for yanking his pedestal out from under him either…can’t you just be adoring again?

Politico’s scribes insist that an Obama comeback after two historic rebukes at the hands of voters is not a “crazy scenario,” but that framing concedes that it would defy history. Many of Obama’s advisors privately told these reporters that Obama is consumed with animosity toward the fates that so cruelly elevated him to near divinity only to abandon him. He hates that Democrats no longer want to be seen with him. He despises the fact that his formerly close confidants are eager to leave the White House. Most of all, he resents the voters who have imposed these conditions upon him.


Hopefully the voters have it figured out and will do what it takes to stop BO from furthering his disgusting agenda and end this charade of a Presidency.

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  1. Bunch of hypocrites…guess they forgot to vote

    “According to the Washington Post at least five stars who participated in a recent Rock the Vote video urging youth to exercise their franchise didn’t bother to show up to the polls themselves in 2010.

    View co-host Whoppi Goldberg, Orange is the New Black’s Natasha Lyonne, Glee’s Darren Criss, Girls creator Lena Dunham and Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star E.J. Johnson did not vote in the last midterm election, the Post discovered.”

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    • Waiting for 2012

      I cannot understand the appeal of any of those people, but I truly fathom what the big deal is about Lena Dunham. And I wish she had kept her pants up. I’m dealing with a stomach virus today, and that’s the LAST thing I needed to see! 🙂

      • Waiting for 2012

        Sorry, “Cannot fathom”

  2. MO says you need to vote D no matter who it is or what they say….well, at least the black voters need to do that.

  3. Can’t make this stuff up…Tom Brokaw is already whining….

    “The question then is, what are they prepared to give to the Democrats to meet them in the middle ground? What are they going to do about immigration? What are they going to do about the minimum wage?”

  4. Ashura ….Shiite love this holiday….Child abuse and fear are great ways to celebrate a “holy day”

    • “To clear away sin…”
      What sins would such a young child have to cut him for?

      (Sometimes I have to avoid the news and take a break- I get overwhelmed.)

  5. Common sense rules…

    “A federal judge on Monday threw out a housing regulation issued by President Barack Obama’s administration that said racial bias claims can be based on seemingly neutral practices that may have a discriminatory effect.

    U.S. District Judge Richard Leon said the Fair Housing Act allows for only direct discrimination claims and not those based on so-called disparate impact allegations. Leon wrote that the administration’s view that the language of the Fair Housing Act assumes that disparate impact claims are permitted “appears to be nothing more than wishful thinking on steroids.”

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  6. If you vote, and you’re black, MO says you’re ‘allowed’ to have fried chicken….what a ditz

    “Martin: So can we, if we go out to the polls, can we say, we have ‘souls to the polls’ on Sunday, can we do ‘soul food after we vote’?

    Obama: Absolutely, I give everyone full permission to eat some fried chicken after they vote only after—if you haven’t voted…(laughter.)

    Martin: Just checking!

    Obama: You make a good point because I am, I do talk about health. But I think that a good victory for Democrats on Tuesday, you know, should be rewarded with some fried chicken.”

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  7. Governor Kasich of OH is up 20 points over Fitzgerald…I am so happy…

  8. Preezy Sleezy at it again….despicable acts hurting Americans, all for political gain.

    “This year, for the first time in 20 years I can not even quote a replacement product because Barack Obama has issued a GAG ORDER to the health insurance industry instructing them not to disclose their January 2015 health insurance rates until after the mid-term elections. This is unprecedented. Normally health insurance premiums are released for public viewing 60 days before the January 1st effective date. Where are the reports on these cancellations and the gag order from NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN? The only news organization that I am aware of that has reported on any of this is the Fox News channel. I can guarantee you one thing, not one of my clients who received a cancellation notice is voting Democrat on Tuesday.”

  9. Nepotism and Kay Hagan

    “North Carolina’s Secretary of Environmental and Natural Recourses is seeking an investigation into Democratic Senator Kay Hagan over how a company co-owned by her husband received $250,644 from the 2009 Stimulus Bill.

    The Charlotte Observer is reporting:

    Secretary of Energy and Natural Resources John Skvarla on Monday asked his staff to seek more information about a 2010 energy grant from the company co-owned by the husband of Democratic U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan.

    Skvarla’s request came in response to a memo from his staff. It involved a $250,644 grant to JDC Manufacturing, which is co-owned by Charles “Chip” Hagan III, and also involves work that Hagan’s son, Tilden, did installing solar panels for JDC under the grant.”

  10. Oh my goodness it’s Laura Bush birthday today…let’s give her the best birthday gift ever.

    “So you have your marching orders: let’s get out there and weigh in on the “election about everything.” It would make a great birthday present for former FLOTUS Laura Bush, who is 68 today.”

  11. Thomas Sowell on ID to vote…
    “The most cynical of these bogey man ploys is Attorney General Holder’s threats of legal action against schools that discipline a “disproportionate” number of black boys. Unless you believe that black boys cannot possibly be misbehaving more often than Asian American girls, what does this political numbers game accomplish?

    It creates another racial grievance, allowing Democrats like Holder to pose as rescuers of blacks from racist dangers. The real danger is allowing disruptive students in ghetto schools to destroy the education of other black students — in a world where education is the only hope that most ghetto youngsters have for a better life.

    Sacrificing these young people’s futures, in hopes of gaining some additional black votes today, is as cynical and fraudulent as it gets.”

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  12. Went to the polls at 2:00….I was #48 to vote….from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM only47 people had voted in my precinct… Cuyahoga County is a liberal bastion…

  13. Waiting for 2012

    Darn, We in PA now have a WOLF at the door…for Governor. Watch the taxes shoot, up, then the Republicans get the blame.

    • How did that happen. .. PA could use less democrat swill and more common sense

      • Waiting for 2012

        From what I’ve seen, many of the Republicans who voted for Corbett didn’t like his policies once he was in power. Also, most of the Democrats are in the two large cities : Philadelphia (near me) and Pittsburgh. The rest of us tend to vote Republican, but Philly and Pittsburgh tend to tip the scales in favor of the Democrats.

        In my office at work, most of the employees LOVE Obama, or least said they did his first term. It was amusing today to see all of those long faces, and they were very quiet and subdued. And, our most vehement uber-lib woman (a really obnoxious person to begin with) literally didn’t say a word all day (yet another benefit of this election!). Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear me–is somebody POUTING? 🙂 Yeah, Libs–now you know how we felt the past 6 years…

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