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obama_lies_big_12-4-13-2Not all Americans are “stupid”, just the ones supporting Obamacare.  Gruber got that part wrong by saying the taxpayers are “stupid”.  What he really should have said is; the taxpayers who support Obamacare are stupid. What’s really “stupid” is 30 million people still don’t have health insurance, so, what changed by enacting this 2400 page sleazy bill written by sleazy elitists. Speaking of sleazy, none of our Congress critters are on the Obamacare health plan and, their staffs are exempt as well. Obviously they don’t think it’s the greatest thing since the wheel, why do they think we would? They knew the 40% tax on their “Cadillac plans” would be growing exponentially, it’s written in the bill. Dems damned near broke their necks to change that one. The higher the cost of their highend plans the more it will be taxed. (we all know the costs of having insurance is spiking) That will eventually include all insurance plans provided by employers. That’s the “plan”. The union leaders who invested so much money into praising the “plan”, and all those union dues spent to support the very people who are screwing them over, now that is “stupid”. PJ Media has more. Funny how the Obama devotees are so quiet lately. They realize they are the “stupid” ones.

Dem voters loved this plan, we were all meanies and hated the uninsured. They let a lot of emotion flow, but not much reasoning. Now, as their premiums go up, they sit there slack jawed. Many of those Dim-wits actually thought they would not be affected in any way by the “plan”. Obama promised they could keep their plan and their Doctors but, he knowingly lied.  There is an old adage Dem voters should start paying attention to, “if it sounds to good to be true, it’s too good to be true”.  They are the “stupid” people Gruber and the Dems depended on for support. It certainly wasn’t all those people who marched in DC to protest the “plan” or people like you and me who kept saying “NO”.  At least one Dem woke up; read it all, he’s really cranky.

This Democrat Is Giving Up on ObamaCare

The disastrous rollout of the Affordable Care Act was the catalyst for my party’s midterm thumping.



News from the UAE concerning terrorist organizations included a list of groups that have been so designated by the government. This is a huge rebuke by an Arab country.  Legal Insurrection has more

The UAE has classified the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim American Society as terrorist groups, according to a story on the website of WAM, the official news agency.

Also reportedly designated as terror groups were the Muslim Brotherhood, the Muslim Association of Britain, and the charity Islamic Relief.

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch. I don’t think the UAE is too concerned about  being considered “Islamophobic”.





  1. Erdogan of Turkey has decided Muslims discovered the Americas, long before anyone else, around 1178. He states Columbus saw a mosque on a hill in Cuba. Now he would like to build a mosque there to replace the one that never existed.

    In other news, Muslims also were the first to explore space when Mohammed flew through the heavens on the back of a winged horse.

  2. Feminists unglued over shirt adorned with cartoon women….call it misogynist. Notice the cartoons have more clothes on than the women of Hollywood and the music industry as they strut the red carpet or perform onstage. The new trend in hotness is slut dressing, the new feminism is all about showing off ones ass-ets

  3. Another American beheaded…trying to help Muslims. That’s the thanks these aid workers get for supplying food and medical supplies.

  4. Did we really need the UN to tell us this? We’re way ahead of them…

    “Islamic State commanders are liable for war crimes on a “massive scale” in northeast Syria where they spread terror by beheading, stoning and shooting civilians and captured fighters, U.N. investigators said on Friday.”

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