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Love that Eric Holder has assured the “black community’ there will be investigations into shooting by officer in Ferguson and the death of the guy selling cigs illegally by police. That’s like saying ‘we just turned the lights on this morning at the DOJ’.  DOJ, as a routine matter, investigates all deaths by police officers of any citizen no matter their color. Holder and BO knew this before they made their statements. Neither one is being totally truthful. In urban areas where there is a black majority, blacks are the most likely to be arrested for crimes. It’s math, not racism. Grand Jury testimony can only be released under a judges’ order. The public is not privy to anything that is said for a reason. If a person is not indicted by the Grand Jury, that persons’ anonymity is supposed to be  protected, as is that of the witnesses and jurors. Al Sharpton, who is not in jail for breaking the law or even been charged, is beyond ignorant when it comes to the Grand Jury.

Here’s a thought, maybe if the pols stopped making every single thing illegal and regulated and, stopped passing  laws that criminalize every single aspect of our daily lives over petty s***,  there would be less reason for law enforcement to hassle people. The pols are the problem, not the police officers. They make the laws and regulations that the police officers have to enforce, then scream and yell when the laws they pass are enforced and horrible things happen. It’s all about power and politics, nothing more, nothing less. The nanny state is the problem and the pols who think they should have control over your every single movement, everything you say, what you eat, what your healthcare should look like, and make laws to enforce what they believe on all of us, they are the real problem. For instance, it’s a “crime” to put a quarter into someone else’s parking meter to keep them from being ticketed. Or, one of my all time favorites, it’s a “crime” to feed the homeless because the food may not pass the “health standards” set by the pols.  Gardner might still be alive if not for the pols who made it a crime to sell loose cigarettes. Really, the police do have bigger problems to deal with than a man selling loose cigarettes or a merchant selling a Big Gulp larger than 16 ozs.

Holder talks about “proportionality” when it comes to real crime.  This past week 38 “kids” between the ages of 12 and 19 were arrested under the Rico Law, charged with 297 counts which included multiple murders, rape, illegal firearms (stolen), armed robbery, home invasion and other various crimes. Yes, they were black.(I had posted a Youtube video about them on an earlier thread) Were the police supposed to wait until they found a gang of Whites or Hispanics to arrest before they did their job? What Holder, Sharpton and Obama do not want to face is the facts. Joining the pity party will lead to more black self destruction. Dem policies have already turned the black families into a massive train wreck. While Deblasio runs his mouth about the “centuries of racial prejudice”, he is trapping black children in a failing public school system by not endorsing charter and private schooling for those children. Those of us who do care about our kids (all of them) fought to keep the charters for their sake and Mayor Jackson agreed with the plan and expanded the charter schools. Dems were up in arms over that one, including the Unions. For them it was all about politics and their favored donor group and not about the kids. Education is the answer to poverty, not the demoralizing welfare system.

Ferguson is an embarrassment. The burning and looting was pure jealousy on the part of people who do not work toward success and their resentment of those who do. So, if they can’t do it, or have it, than no one else is going to either, even if their skin color is the same. Like crabs in a bucket they had to pull down the ones who were making a success of their lives, supporting their families by hard work. It really isn’t as “complex” as people would like you to believe nor is it about race as some would have you believe. A few months from now there will be for sale signs all over that town. It will take decades, if ever, for that town to recover. Businesses will not reopen and jobs will disappear. Ferguson will be a blackened shell for a very long time. It happened here and that area, known as Hough, has never recovered after more then forty  years. Al Sharpton and the rest of the race baiters will forget about Ferguson and move on to cause more damage and divisiveness somewhere else in the country, like NYC, it’s what they do to stay relevant and make loads of money. The people of Ferguson will be left to figure it out.

The drive by media carries a lot of blame for their hyper reporting. Journalism has turned into yellow tabloid reporting. When they descended on Ferguson, so did the new black panthers and the communist agitators. They took advantage of the 24/7 reporting to do as much damage as they possibly could. Those groups agitated, with the help of the media, until they got what they wanted. Those groups will also leave, moving on to cause more damage elsewhere. Thankfully when they showed up here only a dozen or so people joined them. Thank goodness Sharpton has a bigger bullhorn in NY so the cameras and the agitators are there and not here. Our mayor and police commissioner, both black men, have made it clear that you are allowed to protest but not to infringe on anyone else’s civil rights or to impede traffic by blocking roads and highways. One small protest was shut down for that very reason. The local media isn’t driving the racist meme into the ground and are responsibly reporting the facts of the shooting, what investigators are doing to resolve the shooting of a 12 year old by a rookie who should have never been hired by the CPD in the first place given his background of policing in one of the suburbs.

Yes, there is still racism. None of us can deny that and don’t. But, racism is just as prevalent with blacks as it is with whites. There is no denying that either. Look at Holder and Obama, both of them have made it worse and blame others for their shortcomings. Dem policies are destroying the middle classes and they wonder why there is so much anger and resentment toward them. Is it any wonder Obama is called President Goldman Sachs? So, to cover their cronyism they throw down the race card and make demons out of the police departments to take the heat off of their failures and scandals. What bothers me the most is it seems to be working.

Rant over

Update: Holder says the CPD is “poorly trained”.  Here’s the huge protest group   Cleveland Protestors  They made Holder proud/

The Communists were leading and disappointed by the lack of interest. More of them than locals.

Cleveland Protestors 3

Cleveland Protestors 2 Let’s not forget the SEIU!

We mostly ignored the Nazis that came here to agitate too. They didn’t have a good day here either.

OOPS, Mike Brown’s stepdad can be heard saying “I’m going to start a riot”. From Al Jazeera at the 16 second mark.


















  1. Garner was reportedly selling “loosies,” individual cigarettes taken out of their original packaging. That’s a crime?

    Yep. Since 2010, that’s a crime, sayeth the unaccountable bureaucrats at the Food and Drug Administration.

    An FDA rule issued on June 22, 2010 — well within the Obama era, under a president who has unleashed bureaucracy on the entire country — mandates that individual cigarettes cannot be sold without their original packaging. You must not sell an unhealthy product that everyone knows is unhealthy unless it’s still in the polluting box that it originally came in.

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