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Losing Control, Causing a Meltdown

Sharpton and the race baiters got their pound of flesh, that would include Obama, Holder and DeBlasio. They are just as much to blame for the murders of two NYPD officers as the man who pulled the trigger and killed them. Holder’s comments of “understanding” why people would riot, loot and burn down businesses to make a fallacious point just fanned the flames. Obama’s statements of police officers targeting black neighborhoods fanned the flames even further. Now, the mob is out of control and they are to blame for inciting hate. The sad part is it was done for a political agenda and the “Obama legacy”. It all began as a distraction (never let a crisis go to waste or, make one happen to distract from the failures of governing) and to keep their base in line. Now it has morphed into “What do we want? Dead cops!”. Pure evil. Which brings us to the media who has promoted this whole ‘racist’ scenario.

Why, after all the damage Sharpton has done, do they bother to cover his self aggrandizing speeches. He’s a big part of the media circus which has dominated the news cycle. Any thing to avoid issues like Cuba, Russia, and the incredible expansion of the Muslim terrorist state and a failed foreign policy. In all this race baiting furor the media is the most egregious of all the actors. Things they did not ‘report’ on; Why was the Governor nowhere to be found the night of the looting and burning in Ferguson?, Why was the National Guard not deployed to help the police quell the riot? Why not show a montage of the businesses that were looted and burned? (that would be quite the opposite of the narrative they were pushing) Why aren’t they interviewing and reporting on the involvement of the Communists, SEIU and the Black Panthers in the mess they helped create? All of them should be ashamed for rewarding these people and pushing their narrative.


Without provocation, an attacker ambushed officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos while they sat in their marked patrol car in the Bedford-Stuyvesant Area of Brooklyn at 2:47 in the afternoon. “They were quite simply assassinated,” Bratton said, “targeted for their uniform.” Breitbart

There are no words to describe the monumental disgust I feel….no words at all.




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  1. Yes, BO is all things to all people everywhere. He’s so impressive he can’t help talking about it….constantly. Is there anyone else on earth who can compare to this mythical universal man?

    “President Barack Obama is crediting his racial make up and exposure at a young age to an array of demographic groups with his ability to see the good in people.

    ‘There’s no doubt that…I move back and forth between the racial divides,’ Obama told CNN host Candy Crowley during a one-on-one interview that aired this morning on the news network.

    ‘Not just black-white, but Asian and Latino and, you know, I’ve got a lot of cultural influences,’ he added. ‘I think what it does do for me is to recognize that most Americans have good intentions.’ ”

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