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Yesterday, the 27th of December, two rallies were held here in Cleveland. One to protest against “police brutality”, one to support the police in their endeavors to keep the thugs and criminals at bay. The numbers speak for themselves.

This is the anti-police rally

anti-police  rally

This is the rally to support the CPD

Rally for police

Thousands showed up in support, two dozen showed up to express their phony grievances. Even the Communists have given up and left, along with the race hustlers. They are no different than the Black Shirt Aryans (Nazis) that came to rally here. Those idiots left after an hour because they didn’t get the reaction they wanted. A couple dozen people showed up, a few in support, some against their race based hate. So, they left and went to Toledo. There they got the reaction they wanted and enjoyed themselves immensely. Most of us look at the craziness going on now in the East and West coasts and want no part of that insanity. We don’t want our city torn apart.

aerial shot via


The days following Christmas have not been pleasant across the US. Black Mob Violence at Christmas, All Over the Country. These are the darlings of the left and products of the entitlement grievance mongers.

More protests coming to a New Years Eve party near you. Anti-Police Protesters Plan to Disrupt New Year’s Eve Celebrations.


Who benefits from all this “tribal warfare”?  Self-serving lawmakers and unions get a boost from aggravating racial tensions.


In a healthy civil society, people can deal with others without worrying about tribalism, confident that disputes will be settled by neutral and reasonably fair procedures overseen by neutral and fair people. In a tribalized society, what matters is what tribe you belong to, and who is on top at the moment.

Healthy civil societies are a lot better places to live. They’re richer, safer and more peaceful. But healthy civil societies don’t provide the opportunity for political power grabs, for payoffs and for extortion that tribalized societies do. It’s no wonder that so many political figures favor tribalism. The question is, how long will the rest of us allow them to get away with it?

Most of us are watching these events unfold with absolute disgust.






  1. “Meanwhile silence from the vacationing President Barack Obama as America has seen a week of war on its first responders.”

    It’s what he wanted….a big distraction from his failures

  2. Beachwood Mall OH
    See, here they kick each other’s a**es, too busy to do any rallying. 😀

  3. Waiting for 2012

    I know it’s early, but I’m off to a party…I hope everyone has a GREAT New Year!

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