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A Special Kind of Stupid

More and more ‘fatwas’ being issued to forbid the most mundane of activities. It’s like those governing  have lost their collective minds, as if there aren’t a million real problems that need to be addressed.

children-having-fun-with-a-snowman Seems innocuous enough, children building a snowman, but not to the Saudi cleric who has condemned this fun activity as un-Islamic. Saudi cleric condemns snowmen as anti-Islamic

Asked on a religious website if it was permissible for fathers to build snowmen for their children after a snowstorm in the country’s north, Sheikh Mohammed Saleh al-Munajjid replied: “It is not permitted to make a statue out of snow, even by way of play and fun.”

Quoting from Muslim scholars, Sheikh Munajjid argued that to build a snowman was to create an image of a human being, an action considered sinful under the kingdom’s strict interpretation of Sunni Islam.

“God has given people space to make whatever they want which does not have a soul, including trees, ships, fruits, buildings and so on,” he wrote in his ruling.

So, children, get busy reading your Koran and remember, “there is no fun in Islam”.


U.S. airstrike in Syria may have killed 50 civilians. Yes, the horror of it all! from McClatchy

The U.S. Central Command, which had not previously announced the airstrike, confirmed the attack Saturday in response to repeated McClatchy inquiries. “Coalition aircraft did strike and destroy an ISIL headquarters building in Al Bab on Dec. 28,” Col. Patrick S. Ryder said in an email.

He said a review of the airstrike showed no evidence of civilian casualties but offered to examine any additional information, “since we take all allegations seriously.”

The number of “civilians” killed keeps rising the further you read into the article. There is a special irony in this type of report. Millions have been displaced and hundreds of thousands murdered by Muslims on both sides of the great divide of Sunni vs. Shiite. There are few who think this unacceptable, including our pResident, but, 9 civilians in an ISIL building are a huge deal. Meanwhile, Islamists all over the world are celebrating the deaths of unarmed civilians, which racked up more deaths, at the hands of their brothers. That really is a ‘special kind of stupid’. The ‘fatwas’ from their clerics keep them from progress and enlightenment. No matter how many modern technologies they have, none of them were produced in an Islamic country. All Islamic countries are end users. More enlightened Muslims are arrested and flogged and imprisoned for stating the obvious.


There is a ‘special kind of stupid’ prevalent in the media as well. Men Without Chests

The New York Daily News’s censorship is emblematic of the response of far too many media organizations to the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Peaceful people who are offended must deal with offense, but violent sociopaths who are thrown into murderous rages by cartoons? Their feelings must be respected. Welcome to 2015, where polite requests for decency are ignored, and childish temper tantrums are exalted as the means by which developmentally stunted neanderthals get whatever they want.

CNN has a special kind of stupid going for it.

For starters, note that the network is apparently afraid of even using the word Muhammad. Instead, the Islamic religious figure is referred to by CNN merely as “the Prophet.” Not a prophet. And not even the prophet. “The Prophet,” with a capital P.

If we are to take CNN’s memo at its word, no other prophets existed before or after Muhammad. He is literally the only one. Forget Moses. Forget Abraham. Forget that both are major prophets for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Nope. Muhammad is the only one (even if that statement itself is heretical to the ideology they’re desperately trying not to offend) and he will be faux-respected by fearful news executives, even if that faux respect results in the blatant disrespect of other religions that outright reject Muhammad’s alleged teachings. Your offense is only worthy of note if comes packaged with a death threat.

Pipes has solved the issue of Islamists in France. Just asking them to do what the UN/US expects of Israel.







  1. Nice Deb has more on the special kind of stupidity that is the US Gov….

    President No-Show will host an “anti-violent-extremism” summit next month. This will be worse than useless, because not only is Obama determined not to name the enemy that actually threatens us, thus not diagnosing the problem and making no headway toward solving it. But he will be tempted to name phantom “enemies” that pose no threat to anyone – just to be fair.

  2. Read it all…Charlie, Muhammad, and the Saudi 1000 Lashes of Raif Badawi

  3. this is who the left feels sorry for…makes excuses for…empathizes with…just ask former SOS Hillary Clinton

    The special forces found that Coulibaly had booby trapped the store, leaving a door packed with several kilos of explosives. They also found that he had on him a stockpile of ammunition, submachine guns and automatic weapons.

    “The hostages all thanked us,” said Jean-Pierre. “Some of my colleagues had tears in their eyes.”

  4. More special kind of stupid…from the defenders of BO

    Now, Obama’s defenders are floating a theory that he didn’t have to say anything in Paris because the U.S. military has already spoken for him in Iraq and Afghanistan. He didn’t have to make an appearance at the rally, because drones have been appearing in the skies of Yemen to deliver his talking points via Hellfire missile. For crying out loud, this is the President who personally rappelled into Osama bin Laden’s hideout and killed him in a kung fu battle! If people anywhere on Earth still have questions about where Barack the Slayer stands on terrorism, that’s their problem.

    BO not going didn’t bother me…not sending a Rep of the US did…Biden could have gone…why not?

  5. “interfaith meeting” according to BO and the left….did they slander Islam?

    “ISIS’ branch in Libya has claimed the abduction of 21 Christians, activists reported Monday, as Egypt confirmed that 20 of its citizens were being held in the country.”

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