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The White House has lost and the R-words in the Senate have won. No matter what the lapdog media says, Cotton was no fool when making it very clear what clout the Senate had in regards to a non-binding agreement with any country. Liberals were “outraged”, their usual stance, calling the 47 Senators “traitors” and other sundry nastiness including a petition to have them brought up on charges of treason. But, that letter let the cat out of the bag. The plan all along was to use the UN Security Council to make an end run around the Senate. What has been called a “bilateral deal” is nothing more than a ploy to have this deal backed up by a UN Security resolution which the Mullahs felt would bind the US to the so called “treaty”. If anyone thinks the White House wasn’t involved in this ploy, think again. It is exactly what they were planning on doing. Got to admire those Senators that signed the Cotton letter. From Breitbart….

Secretary of State John Kerry said that Cotton’s letter was “unconstitutional” and that “they cannot change an executive agreement.” He continued by saying that the letter was “unprecedented, unprecedented. …It’s false information and directly calculated to interfere, and basically say, ‘Don’t negotiate with them, you’ve got to negotiate with 535 members of Congress.’”

Of course, it is not unprecedented for Congress to involve itself in foreign policy in precisely the way that Cotton and 46 other Republican senators did. And Barack Obama reportedly contacted Iran through back channels before his election to encourage them not to cut a deal with President George W. Bush; he’d be much more helpful to the mullahs after his inevitable election.

Now the Obama administration has already removed Iran from the list of terrorists. See how “helpful” he is to the Mullahs?

“Many people are already making plans for Iran’s integration into the regional and world economy, particularly the Europeans and the Asians, who see Iran as an unprecedented opportunity to do business,” said Dubai-based geopolitical analyst Theodore Karasik. “Because the country’s infrastructure is literally 30 years behind, every sector or commodity is open … Iran is already preparing for this.”

And that’s how you bring an economy, ours and the EU, back to life again. Human Rights abuses and terrorism be damned. That is some huge ass kissing! Dissidents are criticizing Obama and sending letters smuggled out of Iran.

“When the people of Iran asked you to support them against the tyranny of the Shia clerics over five years ago you, the president of the most powerful country on earth, were secretly writing letters to the dictator of Iran,” he writes in the letter, which was smuggled out of Iran by human rights activists and provided to the Foundation for Democracy in Iran, an advocacy group.

Obama’s outreach has only empowered Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, writes Tabarzadi, who says he shares a prison cell with Saeed Abedini.

“In June 2009, as Khamenei ruthlessly ordered his paramilitary forces to kill people on the streets and on university campuses, imprisoning and torturing journalists, intellectuals, the young and the old mercilessly, your friendly communications with the tyrant of Iran continued in the name of the people of the United States, ignoring the human rights of the people of Iran,” the letter states. “You helped Khamenei to continue his Islamic tyranny in the name of Allah and Islam.”

“The Islamic clerics have taken our nation hostage to their fanatical Islamic tyranny,” he adds. “In 2009 when the people of Iran loudly and clearly asked for your support for their freedom and sovereignty, you ignored us and empowered the tyrants to imprison, torture, and kill us.”


Speaking of backstabbing, who doesn’t think Obama and Val-Jar didn’t set Clinton up. They knew she had the “private e-mail server” and certainly didn’t mention that they would not accept mail from that particular account. They admitted that e-mail was sent to Obama from that particular address. Does anyone honestly believe it wasn’t noticed? That is the hole card to keep Clinton out of the race in 2016. If that doesn’t work there are the rumors emanating from the White House of “foreign donations” which may be a conflict of interest. Clinton certainly dug her own hole by trusting Obama who never had the intention of backing her in the 2016 Presidential race. She got sucked in by her own ego and now has been left to twist in the wind. Wonder how she feels about spewing the White House talking points on Benghazi now. While I don’t support Clinton, it’s very unsettling to watch the unethical behavior of those who claim to be our superiors in every way use these type of thug tactics. The White House is denying the leaks but, we all know how they operate in the age of Obama.


While Obama is meddling in the 2016 elections, his lackeys are busy, again, meddling in the ME. Israeli elections to be exact. Breaking the law is something Obama and his lackeys are not concerned about. After all laws are for the little people. Free Beacon has an account of their illegal activities.

The PeaceWorks Network Foundation—a nonprofit linked to Obama campaign figures and also known as OneVoice—was identified in a January letter authored by U.S. lawmakers as having funneled money to campaign-related activities in the upcoming election despite being incorporated as a 501(c)(3) organization. Such organizations are forbidden from engaging in foreign or domestic political campaign activities.

PeaceWorks moved to create a new organization that could engage in such electoral activities after the letter was issued, new documents obtained by the Free Beacon show. The new organization, named PeaceWorks Action Inc., was incorporated in Delaware in February 2015.

However, multiple sources familiar with the controversy said the establishment of that new organization would not shield the earlier activities of the original 501(c)(3) organization from U.S. law.

In my view Obama deserves all the disdain that can be heaped upon him. He makes the US look petty and small and, is the worse pResident this country has ever voted in to the highest office of our land.






  1. Looks like Obama DID know about the Clinton “private server”…told you so…White House is having great fun leaking all this stuff

    “According to my sources, and we’re talking about the State Department, White House and Clinton sources, three separate sources. The President of the United States was, number one, was aware she was using a private server, a private email, and either he or his people told her and warned her not to. So that is a lie. Not true, that he was kind of vaguely aware of… They said you got to be using the government server. She didn’t… They (Obama and Jarrett) do not want to see the Clintons back in the White House.”

  2. Kerry’s bike about as good as the Iran nuclear talks…and as old. Can’t get either one in gear.

    “The bike, he said, was a good model even though it was around 10 years old, Schumann told Le Matin newspaper which first reported the story.

    This is around the same age as the standoff with Iran over its nuclear drive that Kerry is trying to bring to a close with his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif.”

  3. Obamas’ Egypt mistake doesn’t stop al Sisi from winning big. Obama loves the Muslim Brotherhood, not the secular.

    Yet when Cairo went to the U.N. Security Council, first to call for an international coalition to militarily confront ISIS in Libya, a majority on the Council – which generally is responsive to U.S. concerns – declined to act. Egypt then pressed the Council to lift its arms embargo on the Libyan government, an embargo put in place in 2011 when “the Libyan government” meant Muammar Qaddafi. Again, the Council declined.

    The answer, by American spokesmen and echoed by British officials, is that first – before the provision of arms, not to mention any armed intervention – there must be a unity government between the elected and internationally-recognized Libyan government in Tobruk, and the rival rump government dominated by the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood, whose militia allies took up arms when the Brotherhood did poorly in parliamentary elections and drove both the newly-elected House of Representatives and the minsters it had selected to rule out of the capital.

    This has been the Anglo-American mantra concerning Libya whenever fighting escalates. The U.S. administration has even chastised Egypt for its occasional air-force interventions.

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