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Can’t MakeThis Stuff Up

Obama was at the City Club in Cleveland and made a total ass of himself. Reaching for straws his new “suggestion” is for a law to make it mandatory to vote. According to the Constitutional scholar, that would be the only way to even things out when it came to the enormous amount of cash flow in the elections. He looked and sounded like a first year high school kid on a freshman debate team, unsure and gawky. Obama has become a major embarrassment and his lackeys and the lapdog media can’t change that perception. As he awkwardly explained his reasoning there was no applause from the audience. Not a single sound was heard. It was beyond pathetic. He should stop going off TOTUS since he is not a natural speaker and doesn’t know how to talk to a crowd.  Other than deciding we should have only the rights dictated by him, he spent his time whining about how the R-words were being mean to him. The AFL-CIO, which is pretty much behind any Dem who is still breathing, wasn’t charmed by BO either. The comments are more interesting than the article.

Huggy feely MO also had her awkward moments while explaining to the Japanese why it’s important to educate their girls. Her first greet and meet with the Emperor was more than a little strange. She didn’t know whether to bow, curtsy or shake hands. So, in her own inimitable way she did all three…at once. Made for an interesting encounter.  MO awkward

MO awkward 2 The same kind of tact is seen when she greeted the First Lady of Japan. They are definitely not the huggy feely type of people, feeling it is too impolite to grab at another person. The grimace on the FLOJ pretty much tells the story. Why does that loony woman have to be so grabby? You would think she would learn protocol when visiting a foreign country.

Why the hell would any Judge believe anything the DOJ said? It’s evident they do what they want in spite of injunctions and lie to cover up their illegal activities. from Breitbart 

  The U.S. Government lied to a federal judge, misrepresented facts and illegally gave 100,081 illegal aliens immigration status despite a pending lawsuit and an injunction. That is the argument that attorneys representing Texas and more than two dozen other states made. During the heated court hearing Andrew Hanen, a U.S. District Court Judge, said that the apparent violation had made him look like an idiot since he initially believed the U.S. Government.

Deception is the way they do business in the Department of Injustice.

You must have heard about the EPA deciding that guests are using waaaay too much water in hotel rooms. They have a fix for that, monitoring water usage.

 In the view of Big Government specialists, you are usually the problem when they address any challenge. And since you are the nail and they are the hammer, it’s their job to correct your behavior. We can only wonder how many more grants such as this one are floating around out there.

Well, wonder no more there is another grant “floating around out there” to study how backyard barbecues are destroying the planet.  The EPA will be coming for the hot tubs soon, the next scourge of pollution.

A conversation to end all conversations about what black is and looks like. Guaranteed to make you chuckle. Scroll to the bottom for the video and watch the hilarity. via Legal Insurrection

Hayes brought guests Nancy Giles of CBS Sunday Morning, and culture commentator and DJ, Jay Smooth to share their thoughts on Starbucks’ latest social endeavor. Smooth is the founder of the longest running hip-hop radio show in New York City…snip

After watching the clip, Nancy Giles turns to Smooth, begins gyrating her shoulders and says, “I can’t help but tease Jay about the kinda like, brotha way he was trying to talk, like “hey” with the rap music in the background and like, down with people.”

Just can’t make this stuff up.


  1. OMG…White House accuses Netanyahu of divisive politics…this coming from the most hate filled bunch that ever occupied the Oval Office.

  2. No cooperation from Iran with the US…

    Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Saturday ruled out any cooperation with the United States in the troubled Middle East, saying talks with Washington are confined to nuclear issues.

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    In a closely watched speech marking the Persian new year festival of Nowruz, Khamenei took steps to quell speculation that any nuclear deal with the West could lead to a wider rapprochement

  3. MOs’ extravagant excellent adventure…

    Rental Cars for Michelle O’s Kyoto Visit Cost $78,741

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