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What Will It Take?

1.8 billion, that’s how much Baltimore received from the Obama stimulus.

Of this amount, 467.1 million went to education; 206.1 million to the environment; 24 million to “family”; 16.1 million to infrastructure; 15.2 million to transportation; 11.9 million to housing; and 3.1 million to job training.

Uh-huh, seems throwing more taxpayer money at the problems of certain urban areas just isn’t working. Actually decades of Democrats running the cities isn’t working, neither are the residents. Why are the kids in the public schools system reading from 20 year old books? 467.1 million should have covered new books, computer labs, all to the benefit of the students. None of it obviously was used for gains in students’ education. People of Baltimore, just like every midsized city, should be zoning in on the way taxpayer stimulus was spent, it certainly wasn’t on them.

Following the violent riots on Monday evening that resulted in over 235 arrests, 15 torched buildings, 144 destroyed vehicles, and 20 injured police officers, President Obama spoke on the issue.

Obama called for more early education programs, criminal justice reform, and “making investments so that [youth] can get the training they need to find jobs.”

“There’s a bunch of my agenda that would make a difference right now in that,” he said.

The president then proceeded to blame the Republican-controlled Congress for not implementing his agenda.

BO’s “agenda”, which absolutely has not worked out for anyone but the wealthiest, is to keep piling more tax burdens on the middle class (mostly suburbia) to placate a lot of ne’erdowells in the inner city, meaning Dem Pols. He won’t ever admit the Dem meme “it’s for the kids” is nothing more than a huge lie. More money “for the schools” basically covers benefits for teachers’ unions, retirement, etc. The kids get zero benefit from tax increases or stimulus.

I listened as one father kept whining about his kid, sitting in jail, who had destroyed a police car and made the front pages of local papers. He thought it was just horrible that his kid had to be bailed. He said “isn’t a human life more important than a broken window?”  My question to him is “Where were you and your concern when your kid was rioting?”  One guy, an adult,  being interviewed was complaining about not having a free cell phone.  He thought it was his “right” to have one for free. Can’t make this stuff up!

An annoying reality;

For partisan liberals, the spate of urban violence that has characterized anti-law enforcement demonstrations and riots for nearly one year has presented both an opportunity and a challenge. While many Democrats have welcomed the spotlight on policing, urban poverty, and the plight of inner city minorities, they have also been confronted with the unsatisfying results of generations of monopoly Democratic governance. [snip]

To most neutral observers, it seems conflicting to argue that urban minorities have been neglected and abused for decades, and yet a GOP governor who hasn’t been in office for 18 weeks is responsible for this latest spasm of violence.

That didn’t stop Edwards from arguing that more spending and wealth redistribution – e.g. the Democratic platform – is the only cure for what ails Baltimore.

When Wallace noted that Baltimore spends the third highest amount per capita on its public schools “and the schools were still lousy,” Edwards declined to speculate on where that money was going. She merely asserted that it had been improperly allocated.

Handouts instead of a hand up is the way Dems placate minorities. Next we will be certain to hear “more money” is needed to ease the pressure for the special snowflakes making their demands. When Dems were setting up the cyclical of generational welfare, none thought of the consequences.  If everything is given, there is no need for education, personal responsibility, or even a job. The Dem nanny state approach to solving problems isn’t working, has never worked and, will never work. Their ideas always include more taxes on small business and property owners, more rules and regulations.  When the businesses leave and property owners sell out and leave due to the higher taxes, Dems are flummoxed. They can’t understand why. Yes, they are that stupid and so are the voters who keep electing them. A Disturbing Intersection

It used to be that both blue-collar and white-collar workers held stable jobs, and living standards for all social classes steadily rose. That model has buckled and bowed until it no longer exists, and people are getting left behind at a staggering rate.

The gap between all things big (government, business, banks), the American people, and their political leaders is greater today than at any time since our little quarrel with England in the 1770s.

We are over-regulated, forgotten and over-taxed by a national capital that has become the Versailles of its time — the seat of not only political power but of unprecedented wealth, with a desire to emulate Hollywood rather than the regular people who have carried the burden of building and protecting that pretentious city.

The most self serving demi-gods (as they see themselves) are the very people (politicians) who decide how they can cause the most division and anger among the populous to keep themselves in power. Our government has become the most corrupt and ineffective it has ever been. “We the people” have all been marginalized and we should be angry, but not with each other. We didn’t create this mess, the crony capitalists of Versailles on the Potomac did for their own personal gains. We just got stuck with all the bills.






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