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The Great Divide

Isn’t the Dem field exciting? What a bunch of “white privilege” they have going on in their “diversity” camp of old rich white people. The slags (yes, I know the meaning of the slang) from the hashtag organizations that dominate the D-word party keep prostituting themselves for politics, they just don’t know it. O’Malley is running around shirtless imitating Putin, Sanders is the crazy wild eyed uncle we all avoid at family gatherings, and Shrillary Clintoon is the corrupt lifelong Alinskyite that is “out of step” with the new progs and the old left. Could the D-words have fielded a more pathetic group?

The crime syndicate known formally as the “Clinton Foundation” is political corruption on a grand scale. While Shrillary rails against hedge fund managers and their “wealth”, her hedge fund is knee deep in unethical practices. Bill Clinton’s foundation cashed in as Sweden lobbied Hillary on sanctions.

But there is growing evidence that the Clintons did not run certain financial activities involving foreign entities by the State Department, such as the Swedish fundraising arm and the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative based in Canada, or disclose on her annual ethics form the existence of a limited liability corporation that Mr. Clinton set up for his personal consulting work.

The ethics agreement the Clintons signed in 2009 with the State Department stated that if a foreign government chose to “elect to increase materially its commitment, or should a new contributor country elect to support” Mr. Clinton’s charitable causes, “the Foundation will share such countries and the circumstances of the anticipated contribution with the State Department designated agency ethics official for review.”

Of course, the Clinton Crime Syndicate did not report this conflict of interest to the State Dept. Just another ooopsy in the long list of ooopsies the Clintons have pulled, including this one.  Let’s face one hard fact, the DNC is letting O’Malley and Sanders run against Shrillary just for the optics, more for the benefit of making it look good for Clinton to have won the election primaries rather than being ordained. Their own cushy spot awaits them, you can bet on it.

Media is always talking about the R-words big fight between “factions” of the party. Well, maybe they should take a long look at the D-words own infighting. It doesn’t get reported by the LSM because…..”narrative”. Democrats Frustrated by Unions’ Cash Freeze Over ‘Fast Track’.  The whining is getting louder and louder.

Other Democrats are beginning to lose trust in unions coming through with campaign contributions at all, as House Democrats look to make inroads into a historic House majority.

“We’re getting close to the end of the second quarter now … and now the answer they give us is, ‘Even if you vote no on TPA and no on TPP, you still may not get checks because we may be trying to take out people who did vote for it,’ ” said one House Democratic aide. “It’s not like they are going to reward good behavior. Now they’re saying, ‘We may have to take our money elsewhere.’ ”

Democrats were reluctant to speak on the record about their frustration with the finance freeze. But others said publicly that fundraising over the past few months could have been better without unions’ embargo on campaign contributions. [snip]

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Obama will come to the aid of any Democrat who finds themselves in primary peril because of backlash for supporting the “fast-track” bill.

“Those who are concerned about it I think do take a lot of solace in knowing that they can count on the support of President Barack Obama in a Democratic primary if they need it,” Earnest said.

The AFL-CIO declined to comment on the suspension of federal contributions, and whether it will be lifted even if Congress gives Obama fast-track authority to negotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The last part of the quote is laughable. BO is the “every man for himself” type of politician. He did so well “helping” the Dem Party last round that they lost both the House and the Senate. Now we get to watch as the Dems devour their own.

Latest Baltimore news illustrates that….Baltimore Mayor’s Staffers Jumping Ship

What is wrong with Democrats?   They are the party of absolute fail along with their frail PC swooning followers who need “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces” for the special “little snowflakes” they have become.

The Democratic Party and its base are lurching to the left, led by its leadership.  There may be a silver lining, however.  Democrats do not believe in compromise and view Bill Clinton’s triangulation as traitorous (it was all so twentieth century, after all).  They have become a party of True Believers.

We all know what happens when ideology replaces reason and common sense.

A reminder;


We (rather I) have had a very busy few weeks. Finished a doll house for a 12 year old birthday girl (35″ H x 35″ W x 22″ D) lots of gingerbread to glue on after painting everything including the house, chased babies who have started walking (yikes), planted our vegetable garden, chased babies, cleaned out closets, chased babies, had to deal with jury duty, chased babies,……and on and on. It’s like herding cats, an impossible endeavor.  I would love to post pics of both of them but, social services is rather adamant about their privacy. Since they belong to two different mothers their pics have to be cropped to avoid either parent seeing a child not their own and, no pics posted to the cloud or any other place on the web. I just wanted to let everyone know both babies are thriving and loved.





  1. I would love, love, love to see this happening!

    …now comes word of a bid to entice another big-name challenger, and this one is far more intriguing.

    It aims to get former Mayor Michael Bloomberg into the race.

    New York Dems friendly to Bloomberg have approached him to gauge his interest. Their argument is that Clinton’s vulnerability with general-election voters, especially independents, could result in a Republican president. They also believed Bloomberg could be interested because, as one of them told me,“Mike can’t stand Hillary.”

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