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Enablers of world wide terror get a pass

The Iranian Ambassador to the UN had just finished giving a speech and walked out into the lobby of the convention center where he was introduced to a United States Marine Corps General.

As they talked, the Iranian said, “I have just one question about what I have seen in America .”

The General said, “Well, is there anything I can do to help?”

The Iranian whispered, “My son watches this show called ‘Star Trek’ and in it there is… Kirk who is Canadian, Chekhov who is Russian, Scotty who is Scottish, Uhura who is black, and Sulu who is Japanese, but there are NO Muslims. My son is very upset and doesn’t understand why there aren’t any Iranians, Iraqis, Afghans, Egyptians, Palestinians, Saudis, Syrians, or Pakistanis on ‘Star Trek’.

“The General leaned toward the Iranian Ambassador, and whispered in his ear, “That’s because it takes place in the future…”


Welcome to “Capitulation Monday”

“President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran is a dangerous and destabilizing failure, and it is telling that he is seeking Russia and China’s seal of approval of his deal before administration officials have even briefed Congress. The stakes are too far high for America’s security to be outsourced to the United Nations… July 20th will be a powerfully symbolic day for the Obama-Clinton foreign policy legacy, which will be remembered as a dark time in American history when the mullahs in Iran and the thugs in Havana celebrated at America’s expense.”

I can’t remember being so disgusted with any sitting President or SoS as the BO/Clinton/Kerry especially when they are only now demanding the release of “American hostages” in Iran.

How does anyone respect BO or Kerry? Not everything is as transparent as it seems, especially with the side agreements between Iran and the IAEA

Kerry says he’s “disturbed” by the angry rhetoric coming out of the mouths of our new Iranian friends.

In his address, the despotic ruler of the Islamic Republic called for the destruction of the state of Israel and asked fellow Muslims to resist the wishes of the “arrogant” world powers.

In an interview with Al-Arabiya, Kerry called Khamenei’s remarks “very troubling,” especially considering that Tehran had just signed a diplomatic accord with world powers concerning its nuclear program.






  1. Yep, they really are that stupid….

  2. What message ARE we sending?

    courtesy of Bijou at MOTUS

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