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DNC head Wasserman Schultz chokes up announcing Iran deal vote

“I worry that the vigilance over the life of deal may wane … that complacency could set in,” she said. “I worry that the additional resources, no matter how little … Iran could divert to terrorist activity that could cause harm to Jews and others around the world. I worry that we have to make sure that the monitoring is really as gap-free as possible.”

Yep, that’s what Debbie Downer said as she gave a multitude of reasons why she should never vote for the Iran Deal and, then she did anyway. Getting all choked up and close to tears, Deb couldn’t bring herself to vote her conscience. She caved to the Prog Preezy making the world a more dangerous place for all of us. So did the other 40 Dems who voted for this “Deal” because …Party. Yes, they are stupid, stupid people. “We’ll have to pass it so we can see what’s in it.”, is not good governing or good governing policy. Yes, that’s right, they do not read the bills they pass.

10 Great Moments In Government Idiocy: The Obama Years Edition

Pass It To Find Out What’s In It: Nancy Pelosi told the American people that, “We have to pass the (Obamacare) bill so that you can find out what is in it,” and bizarrely, that turned out to be true because almost every promise that was made about the Affordable Care Act was a lie. What a way to govern a nation!

It seems the media has their heads wrapped around Trump, including conservative media. What the hell? Instead of talking about the myriad failures on the part of BO, they attack Trump. Would there be as many displaced persons if Obama hadn’t let Syria cross the “red line’ he drew in the sand? Would Iran have been in a different mood if Obama had supported the “Green Revolution”? Would Benghazi have happened if Obama had not bombed the hell out of Libya? Why is the media so silent on all the failures of Obama, both foreign and domestic? All these are representative of failure on a massive scale.
The horrific results of Obama’s failure in Syria

For four years, the Obama administration has engaged in what Frederic Hof, former special adviser for transition in Syria, calls a “pantomime of outrage.” Four years of strongly worded protests, and urgent meetings and calls for negotiation — the whole drama a sickening substitute for useful action. People talking and talking to drown out the voice of their own conscience. And blaming. In 2013, President Obama lectured the U.N. Security Council for having “demonstrated no inclination to act at all.” Psychological projection on a global stage. [snip]
What explains Obama’s high tolerance for humiliation and mass atrocities in Syria? The Syrian regime is Iran’s proxy, propped up by billions of dollars each year. And Obama wanted nothing to interfere with the prospects for a nuclear deal with Iran. He was, as Hof has said, “reluctant to offend the Iranians at this critical juncture.” So the effective concession of Syria as an Iranian zone of influence is just one more cost of the president’s legacy nuclear agreement.


The family of Freddy Gray gets $6.4 million agreed to settlement from the good citizens of Baltimore. There has been no trial, no civil suit. Talk about stupid people!

The settlement appears to be among the largest such payments in police death cases in recent years. It was reached before Gray’s parents and his estate filed a lawsuit, although they had filed claims with the city and its police department.

Although the city said in a statement that the settlement does not resolve any factual disputes, and expressly does not constitute an admission of liability on the part of the city, its police department or any of the officers, experts say the city’s willingness to pre-empt a lawsuit could have an effect on the officers’ ability to receive an impartial trial in Baltimore — an issue Williams will likely decide Thursday.

Gray was known for self harming and collecting cash. Ramming his head into the side walls of the police vehicle got him a whole lot of cash but his luck ran out. Freddy won’t be available to spend the windfall. That is a form of justice.


  1. The glib rhetoric that accompanied the pullout of American troops from Iraq was displayed once again when the rise of ISIS was dismissed as just a junior varsity team trying to look like a serious threat. But now that ISIS controls a big chunk of Iraq and a big chunk of Syria, it is the Obama foreign policy that looks like the work of a junior varsity team.

    Undermining stable governments in Egypt and Libya that posed no threat to Western interests in the Middle East was another rhetoric-laden catastrophe of the Obama administration. No wonder President Obama does not want to get involved in the refugee crisis that his own policies did so much to create. Talking about renaming Mount McKinley seems far safer politically.

    Obama got cocky, believed his own press, acted stupidly and arrogantly and, set the Middle East on fire.

  2. Waiting for 2012

    Off-topic, but I can’t resist posting this:

    Make no sense to me, and it rambles on, but just posted it for the entertainment value. Has anyone heard about Moo-Moo having once been a man?

    In all seriousness, though, if the girls were adopted, it’s really not right for the news media to tell them, just as I didn’t like the flap about Republican families.

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