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No, You Can’t

In a 2-1 decision, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a Texas-based federal judge’s injunction blocking the administration’s immigration initiative.

Lawless Executive action by Obama, and his DHS and DOJ thwarted. Maybe they should stop wasting their time and our money trying to end run around the laws already established by Congress.

The ruling further dims prospects of implementation of the executive action before Obama leaves office in 2017. Appeals over the injunction could take months and, depending on how the case unfolds, it could go back to the Texas federal court for more proceedings.

The administration could ask for a re-hearing by the full 5th Circuit but the National Immigration Law Center, and advocacy group, urged an immediate Supreme Court appeal.

Even if this makes it to the Supreme Court, nothing will be enacted before Obama leaves office. DOJ still looking for ways to break US laws to benefit other law breakers. 44% of all jobs created have gone to foreign workers, both legal and illegal. In the construction industry, which I am very aware of having worked for many years as a General Contractor and carpenter, there are many men and women who would be happy to hang drywall, build, roofing, and a myriad of other jobs. A lot of them have been cut out of their jobs by illegals. Tradesmen want those jobs hanging drywall, laying brick, building homes for a fair wage. Illegals have driven wage costs down and make it impossible for men and women in the trades to support their families because they are being priced out of their jobs. When Obama talks about being “fair” and “it’s the right thing to do” to grant amnesty, all I can think about is the thousands of tradesmen being treated unfairly by the policies of the pompous ass sitting in the Oval Office.

New polls show that a majority think illegal aliens are hurting them economically. From Breitbart

A recent USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll asked respondents, “Thinking about your and your family’s financial situation, do you think each of the following are making things easier, harder, or are not making much of a difference?: Growing number of immigrants in your area.”
Just 18% of California voters said immigrants were making their financial situation “easier,” while 41% responded “harder.” Another 39% said immigrants were “not making much of a difference” and 3% did not answer. Nationally, 43% said immigrants were making their financial situation “harder” compared to 10% who said they were making their financial situation “easier.” Another 44% believed immigrants were “not making much of a difference” and 3% did not provide an answer.

A plurality of whites (44%) and a majority of blacks (51%) in California felt that immigrants were making their financial situations more difficult


No matter how the left tries to spin it to make Clinton look good, it isn’t working. From POLITICO

FBI steps up interviews in Clinton email probe

and here….more lies and coverups.  Three Pinnochios from WaPo for the lies and misdirection from the Clinton campaign. She is a glory seeking, mud slinging, reprehensible human being. Just like Obama, her massive ego will bring her downfall. No matter what the propaganda filled leftist media says, she is not a shoo-in for Preezy. She belongs to the party that, so far, has lost 900 seats in the states, lost the majority in the Senate and the House and, has failure after failure to show for the last seven years. Dem enthusiasm for the Clinton coronation is way down. How could the voters be enthusiastic about an “untrustworthy” candidate?

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