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Bitter Clinger

Obama talks about all us flyover states as bitter clingers but, exposes his own bitter clinging to a failed policy on ISIS/ISIL. He berates 60% of the populace for religious discrimination but, the slaughter of thousands of Christians and minority sects by the hands of Islamist nutters doesn’t seem to phase his utopian dreaming. Islamists are crucifying children and raping and enslaving women and he stays mum. How they bragged about taking out Jihadi John but, ISIS headquarters was within a few blocks of there and it was avoided at all cost (civilians may have been in the building). One picture speaks a thousand words. American Thinker


Note that the location of the drone strike on Jihadi John appears to be but a few city blocks from a large building marked “ISIS Main HQ.” Does the question not immediately arise in your mind why we would target a specific human enemy and yet leave perhaps hundreds of them alive and well to continue to conduct their war against us?

Will you please explain this strategy, Mr. Commander-in Chief?

Everything Obama touches is an abject failure, domestic and foreign. He was and still is a very small fish in a very large pond. Obama is the bitter man clinging to a philosophy that has caused world wide damage. Even The Dems are telling Obama to back off his bitter clinging.  WaPo  suggests Obama needs to grow up and do something to help the people being slaughtered by ISIS/ISIL.

If ever a single sentence summed up a media mindset, it was when CNN’s Jim Acosta, in language simply not used in White House news conferences, asked Obama today in Turkey: “Why can’t we take out these bastards?”

Other journalists joined in the markedly aggressive line of questioning, pressing the president on why he had underestimated the threat from ISIS, why he hasn’t taken stronger action, essentially why he has been leading from behind. At one point Obama complained that the questions were getting repetitive — which simply underscored that his answers were not satisfying the press corps.

The shift in tone is remarkable, both in its impatient focus on terrorism after the coordinated murder of 129 people in France, and in demanding accountability from a president who has often received soft treatment in the past.

While this may not last long, at least the media is finally paying attention instead of fawning over Obama as they have for the past seven years (it feels like an eternity).

The Hill is quoting some very liberal thinkers.

“I don’t want him shooting from the hip and making empty threats, but I think he could have done a better job in articulating the anger that many people feel toward what happened in not only Paris but Beirut as well,” said Democratic strategist Jim Manley, a former adviser to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.).
“What happened in Paris and in Beirut is going to require an aggressive response.”

Obama tries to shame everyone who disagrees with him. He says we are afraid of widows and orphans but, none of that is true. Where was he when so many of us were begging him to save the Yazidis? Where was he when so many were begging him to help the Kurds? Where was he when his declared “red line” in Syria was crossed by Assad? He is the one who should be shamed. He is directly responsible for the genocide occurring in the ME, not us. Just because he feels guilty doesn’t mean anyone else should feel that way. He made the decision to sit back and watch all of it happen. He and Clinton are also directly responsible for the mess in Libya. They created all of this mess and don’t want to own it. They are moral cowards and, to deride the American public because of their failures is the height of hypocrisy.

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”- MLK Jr.

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