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Hillary Is 44 is in a state of panic. Never has so much venom been directed at their star candidate. Hillary wasn’t 44 and she certainly won’t be 45. They are in hysterics over the mess and rightly so.

At every embarrassing Hillary2016 event we hear Hillary Clinton talk about something. Some issue or policy pours out of Hillary’s mouth like vomit from a drunk. “I have a plan” noises emit. Blah, blah, blah, echoes from 2008 persist to be the Hillary2016 product. No one gives a damn.

Americans want to talk about their anxieties, the wrong track we are on, the truth of the failed Obama economy not the statistical bullsh*t numbers, the terror of terror, the failures of Obama foreign policy, the failures of Obama domestic policy, the failure of ObamaCare, the failure of ObamaTrade, the failure of fairness, the failure to unite, the failure of the political system establishment, the failure of the academic establishment, the failure of race relations, the failure of free speech to counter political correctness, the failure of leaders to speak the truth.

Instead of what Americans want Hillary talks about what Hillary wants to talk about. Hell with that. Hillary2016 is a muddled message mess and today some few speak out like we did when it mattered


Of course the D-women in the Senate are whining about “sexism” and how hard it is to be a female candidate. Ladies, ladies, ladies, competition is hard work, men do it every single day. It’s not exclusive to you.  The Hill  has a very unique article quoting the Senators on their difficulties of actually having to compete for a job they want and, of course blaming sexism. Does anyone remember how those very same women trashed Geraldine Ferraro or Sarah Palin? How about Governor Haley? Carly Fiorina? Not a peep out of those hags on behalf of any of those women. Women, the left do not agree with, get savaged on a daily basis by other women, especially in the political arena. How dare anyone thwart history by not voting in the “first woman President”.

Sanders supporters are finding out, finally, how the “fix” is in for the Dem nominee (that would be Hillary). This is my shocked face Baby Owl Freakout

Poor little darlings actually think petitions will change the stink of the Dem Party. Oh, to be that naïve. Don’t they know it’s Hillarys’ turn? (Rhetorical question). I think there is someone waiting in the wings who will end up being the nominee at the Dem Convention. Especially since Harry Reid said how much fun it would be to have a brokered convention. Don’t those Sanders supporters know their votes are worthless to the DNC? Heads up cupcakes, the Dems cheat, lie and steal and always have. Nothing will change that! It’s been 15 years since I left the Dem Party, it’s actually gotten worse. American Thinker

It took them long enough! Perhaps naively believing the all the fine rhetoric Democrats use to mask their embrace of crony capitalism, the young supporters of Bernie Sanders assumed that by getting a 22% margin of victory in New Hampshire their guy would win a majority of delegates. I have warned them, and now they are catching on.



Update: Court dates have finally finished. The biological mother of our youngest finally signed to give up parental rights. Adoption proceedings for both are now underway. There have been days I thought it would never get to this point.



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  1. *snickering quietly*

    In case you are wondering, Hillary Clinton has 394 delegates and Bernie Sanders has 44. Imagine the shock of the Bernie supporters when they got a whiff of this rigged process. After all, Hillary barely won Iowa and tanked in New Hampshire. How could she have almost ten times more delegates as Sanders?

    The “nutter-left”, an apt description of the “Feel the Bern” crowd.

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