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The slow march of Progressivism is turning into an Ayn Rand novel. If you haven’t read her account of the Socialist revolution, please pick it up and do so. The very first part of the revolution in Russia was to kill off the intellects and the wealthy businessmen and shut down anyone who objected. There are no winners, just tragic endings.  Just like today the revolutionists ended up as corrupt and greedy as the people they replaced. It is a horrifying read of the experience of Rand under the socialist revolution, and it was worth reading again. Personally I would rather die with my dignity and honor intact than live under a socialist government.  This is the utopia Sanders thinks we should emulate.

Sanders has stated he and his followers are starting a “revolution”. This governing has been tried and has failed miserably in every single country that has been taken over by socialist idealism. All those young voters with stars in their eyes over a “free education” and “equality of outcomes” have a very rude awakening coming. There is no free stuff, everyone pays, and like in NK or Venezuela, the only free stuff goes to the Party cohorts who run the socialist government. They live in opulence while the people starve and have very little access to the everyday items the Bernie supporters take for granted. When Bernie rails against the choices for products, like he has against the many choices we have for deodorant, he is espousing shutting down manufacturing. Why should we have so many choices? After all, we only need one or two. When following that logic through to the end, it only stands to reason Bernie would object to so many newspapers or blogs, or clothing manufacturers, even differing opinions. The “fix” may be in for the Dem Party but, this is the one time it actually makes sense ( I know, not a very popular idea). Sanders will never be the nominee and the kids will just stay home because of it.

This new Sanders logo is down right creepy bs

“Can I get it in brown”



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