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Campaign Overload Season

Keeping up with all the crazy isn’t easy for average Americans. It’s as if nothing else is going on in the world. The US is bombing Boko Haram in Africa and Russian tanks in Syria. The EU is in a complete meltdown over immigration and the Brits are voting on a referendum to exit the Union.  Obama and the Dems are at loggerheads over the resolution to stop the Israel Derangement Syndrome of BDS. UN African Peacekeepers are raping and abusing women and girls. Armenia is cosying up to Russia (can’t say I blame them)  and troops have been deployed near the Turkish border. NATO told Erdogan if he starts a mess with anyone he is on his own. In the mean time he’s bombing the Kurds in the north. Erdogan is an egoic fool and a disaster for the Turkish people with his dreams of the Golden Age of Constantinople.


Rubio seems to be the love child of the right (including FOX, the fair and balanced network). How does one keep claiming victory over an opponent when coming in second or third place in every caucus or primary? His problem is his two faced hypocrisy on illegal immigration and border control.  So much for that Gang of Eight betrayal which really ticked off a whole bunch of people. Rubio still can’t explain that one away, no matter how hard he tries. His life story is pretty compelling but, so is the life stories of Americans who will be put out of jobs by cheap labor coming across the southern border and the expansion of H1b visas. Compassion is one thing, cultural suicide is another. Americans aren’t buying into that program. via Breitbart

As Phyllis Schlafly said: Marco Rubio’s claims about amnesty, his deceptions, exceeded Obama’s claims about Obamacare. Think about that for a second.

And then he treated law enforcement, in the words of Chris Crane, “like absolute trash.” How can you have a GOP nominee who demonstrates that kind of disrespect


Sanders has a new set of problems regarding his campaign contributions. The FEC has flagged almost 5,000 that are outside of campaign finance law. via Free Beacon

The Federal Election Commission sent a letter to the Democratic presidential candidate’s campaign committee on Thursday with a 90-page spreadsheet listing 3,457 “excessive, prohibited, and impermissible contributions.”

The campaign’s January financial disclosure filing listed contributions from foreign nationals and unregistered political committees, the FEC said. Other contributions came from donors who exceeded the $2,700 per-election limit.

Don’t they know the only people who can get away with all that is Obama and Clinton?


If you haven’t read it yet, Peggy Noonan has a great article about the crazy election and the “outsiders” causing the establishment such great humiliation and gnashing of teeth.

Trump and the Rise of the Unprotected

“Why political professionals are struggling to make sense of the world they created”

It isn’t hard to understand why Trump is leading the pack of R-words. A people can only be degraded, humiliated, and condescended to just for so long before they reach the boiling point. That point has now been reached.


The American Conservative has it own take on the reason for Trumps popularity

Trump: Fishtown’s Champion Against Belmont

When people are making decisions that affect the lives of many other people, the cultural isolation that has grown up around America’s new upper class can be disastrous. It is not a problem if truck drivers cannot empathize with the priorities of Yale law professors. It is a problem if Yale law professors, or producers of the nightly news, or CEOs of great corporations, or the President’s advisors, cannot empathize with the priorities of truck drivers.


Friday brought us another calculated dumping of Clinton emails…The Five Must-Read Emails Of The Latest Clinton Email Dump  read it all. I found the one from John Kerry very interesting.

Clinton also received an email from then-Senator John Kerry. This email’s release coming in the same week that Secretary Kerry claimed that he had “no knowledge” that Clinton had a private email, makes that claim look ridiculous.


Our primary is March 15….have no idea who to vote for, except not Rubio. He lost my vote by lying about amnesty. Fool me once…..

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  1. BDS and Obama signing statement….

    Leading Democrats are taking aim at the Obama administration for its opposition to newly passed legislation that aims to bolster the U.S.-Israel economic relationship and combat boycotts of Israel, according to a statement issued this week.

    The Obama administration announced that it opposes portions of a bipartisan trade bill that would strengthen economic ties between the U.S. and Israel and force trade partners to sever ties with backers of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, an anti-Israel movement that seeks to economically isolate the Jewish state.

    President Barack Obama issued a rare statement opposing the bill’s pro-Israel language this week, claiming that it sought to legitimize Israeli settlements. Obama stated that he would not enforce the pro-Israel provisions as a result of his personal disagreement with the policies

    Undermining the law….again

  2. Follow the links…FOX support for Rubio on amnesty. More deception from the “fair and balanced” network.

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