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I took a much needed break to get a lot of things done that have been neglected over the past few years. A fresh coat of paint for the interior, including trim work, expanding the second floor bath, turning the art room into a playroom for the “babies” and, cleaning the winter out of the yard. Politics had to be set aside for a while to accomplish all of it. A home built in 1895 needs a lot of TLC.

In the mean time, keeping up with all the crazy going on in the political realm has been a challenge. It’s hysterical that the “principled right” is floating a candidate to challenge Trump. Especially when that purported candidate had already endorsed Trump…before he changed his mind. Others in the anti-Trump crowd are not on board with Kristol’s pick claiming to know nothing about it….Conservatives rebuff Kristol’s third-party pick. This is the best they can do?

Hillary gave a foreign policy speech that absolutely convinced me she lives in a far different reality than many of us. She insisted Trump would be a “dangerous” President. He might start a war. Has she not noticed the civil war she and Obama started in Libya? Has she not noticed that the Obama legacy she says she supports has been a major disaster? She says she fears for our military if Trump is the C-I-C. More of our soldiers have been killed in war because of the change in the rules of engagement since Obama took office then in previous years. They both support lifting sanctions on Iran as well. The biggest state sponsor of terrorism gets billions while they are busy charging head long into nuclear capabilities. Every single thing they have done is falling apart, including Obamacare.

The IRS warned about subsidies being paid to insurers before the implementation of Obamacare. They could find nothing to legally provide this measure under the IRS rules.  Obamacare, Executive Power and the Rule of Law.  Lawless executive branch operates mafia style under the cloak of secrecy and obfuscation. Some legacy.

All the anti-Trump crazies assaulting people are just too stupid to be believed. Grown men waving the Mexican flag assaulting women over attendance at a rally? Anti-Trump Men Attack Female Trump Supporter, Wave Mexican Flag.  Who are the misogynists? My guess would be the men who thought this was a good idea. Please, keep waving those flags and attacking women and beating up people while you chant. It might feel good to you but, for those in flyover country, you look like the mob you are and, we are totally disgusted.  You are not protestors, you are thugs. This will backfire on you and your candidates no matter how much money Soros throws at you.

Update: It was this bad…even the MSM noticed the thugs beating up Trump supporters while the police just stood there and watched. Seems they were ordered to hold the line and not interfere in the “making space” for rioters to pummel people who do not agree with them politically.

It Was This Bad=> Even Cher, MSM Horrified After Trump Supporters Pummeled, Assaulted, Bloodied in San Jose

Update 2: MSNBC reporter says “it is sad” to watch the “witch hunt” as he reports live from the Trump rally.

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