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When is losing a good thing?

I don’t get it. Do the R-words love losing? They act like a bunch of masochists just begging to be brought down by their opponents. Why would the likes of Romney and Ryan want to see Clinton as President. Do they not remember the mess she made of Libya?  When they speak about their “principles”, it’s gag worthy. If they had such strong “principles” why would the thought of Clinton as CIC not make their skin crawl. She is under “criminal investigation”, Trump is not.  Does the GOP establishment really believe they hold so much power over the voters they can sway them to not vote for Trump over Clinton? Romney and Ryan, along with a number of so called conservative pundits are a tiresome lot. All their scheming and secret meetings, conference calls and wacky proposals are making them the backstabbers. Trump may have not been my first pick nor second or even third, but I am going to vote for him. Since when have they done anything, even with a majority, but cave to the progs?  Here’s a thought, respect the voters who have put YOU into your cushy office and stop with the holier than thou rhetoric. You are sounding exactly like the left. Do you need a safe space too?
From American Thinker

Mitt Romney, the self-identified “severe conservative,” has adopted the values of the liberal cultural establishment. Following his pummeling in the 2012 election campaign as a “racist” and many other imaginary sins, he has now adopted the worldview and sympathies of his tormentors.


Also from American Thinker

The Democrats have their playbook, which they’d roll out against any Republican. Trump’s relentless counterpunching may change the dynamic… may just rock the Democrats and their cohorts back on their heels… may give voters more than a craven silence that’s tantamount to surrender.

Of course there’s Hillary. Somehow her incompetence and vast corruption (lest we forget Bill’s) won’t amount to squat this election. It’s not possible that The Clinton Show may have played itself out, even among a sizeable chunk of Democrats, is it?

Orlando has just proven Trump right. Prayers go out to all the families of the dead and wounded. It doesn’t matter what their skin color is, their ethnic background or their sexual proclivities, they are our people. They are all victims of the Islamic death cult.

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