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Reading comments on different sites one would think the left (Bernie and Clinton) would demand their followers tone it down a bit. One commenter in particular said  protesters should burn the city of Cleveland down for hosting the RNC. Since when is a business arrangement between the city and a private organization a reason for such a hate filled comment.

The ACLU went to court due to the 3.5 mile security circumference surrounding the venue. The city and the ACLU came to an agreement giving the protesters another 100 yards closer to vent. The protesters wanted to disrupt the whole downtown area and the lives of everyone working there. Not going to happen. Their rights end where everyone else’s begin.

Protesters have been told they cannot camp out at Edgewater Beach and will be arrested for trespass if they try to stay there after 11:00 PM. They say they will do it anyway, the law be damned. Since there are plenty of campgrounds in the surrounding areas, there really is no reason for any of them to trash our beaches. They can exercise their First Amendment rights but, have to follow the same laws the residents do.

The media hysteria on the left over the “Brexit” is so over the top it’s laughable. the doom and gloom crowd has decided prematurely what is going to happen before anything does.

From the Examiner

“Okay, xenophobic exclusionary nationalism. You won a few fights today. But you will lose in the long run,” said CNN contributor Sally Kohn.

An Esquire headline declared, “Some of the oldest, whitest people on Earth voted against monsters in their heads.”

“Brexit is a an [sic] incredibly sad victory for racists and bigots and much that is vile in the world,” said CBS News foreign correspondent Debora Patta.’s Zack Beauchamp added in a note of his own, “Congratulations to the U.K. for screwing over millions of people.”

He later penned an article titled, “Brexit isn’t about economics. It’s about xenophobia.”

Well, we’ve gone from the cries of “racism” to the new cries of “xenophobia”. The left is progressing but, not in a good way. Calling 52% of the voting public xenophobic is not a winning position to take. Besides, it’s really none of their business what UK voters prefer. We do know the losers want a do over, maybe they will win next time. The idea of voting until the people get it right and succumb to the elite has always been popular….with the elite. The media sure has a lot to say about everything, even when they get it so wrong so often. It seems the middle class is just fed up and not going to take it anymore. Looks as if it’s becoming a movement across the US and the EU. Calling names is not going to change anything. The left has used it so often as a mantra, we’ve become immune.

Due Process? What’s that? Via Weasel Zippers

UPDATE: The petition to vote again on Brexit is a prank. Brought to you by the kids of 4Chan. Via Gateway Pundit

The BBC, The Mirror, France 24, The Telegraph, Manchester Evening News, The Guardian… all reported on the bogus petition.

But they got punked. The poll was manufactured by 4Chan and Anonymous hackers who loaded up the signatures with fake names from The Vatican, Ghana, North Korea and elsewhere.

4Chan users were bragging about their prank online.


  1. Yes indeed the anti-establishment movement is expanding….

    History professor Gudni Johannesson won Iceland’s presidential election after riding a wave of anti-establishment sentiment, final results showed Sunday, although the vote was eclipsed by the country’s eagerly-anticipated Euro football match.

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