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Our Country, a Ghastly Mess

Mob rule is winning. No one in the BLM movement waits for an investigation to be completed before they take to the streets in protest. The MSM foments racial hatred by assuming every black person shot by a police officer was due to race hate and reports it that way graphically. We have a President and, an Attorney General, who constantly tell us that we’re racist homophobic haters because of the color of our skin. We commit microaggressions by our very existence. Our own government has made us the enemy. In reality the real enemy to all of us has their asses parked in DC. Those who are favored by the political elite get a pass while the rest of us in the herd will never be treated as “special”.  Shame on all of them. They are abhorrent and inspire loathing and disgust.

Read an interesting bit in the Mirror. They have a screen shot of a posting on Facebook before it was taken down.

‘Black Power group’ claims responsibility for police killings and warns of more assassinations to come

Don’t you just love all that “racial healing” Obama has brought about since he was elected?

Anti-Police Rhetoric Turns Deadly

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