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We had a huge medical scare a couple of months ago. My DH (Darling Husband) had a heart attack. Mild though it was, it has been a never ending round of doctor visits and tests. Needless to say it has been very stressful on all of us. Happily everything is looking up and we have him on the right track now (except for the broken foot, which is another story) and things are getting back to almost normal. Yay!

Speaking of scary things, listening to Clinton and her speech about the “alt-right” had to be the most paranoid “right wing conspiracy” she has yet to come up with to date. It all came down to everyone not agreeing with her, or voting for her, being a racist, misogynistic, bigot. Sort of hypocritical don’t you think? After all, who was the person who gave her best to destroy the lives of the women Bubba took advantage of, even rape was on his agenda. Who was the racist that started the birther meme and felt Obama should “know his place”? And, last but not least who is the bigot that shows so much intolerance for those who do not share her opinions. Clinton is the most unethical, power hungry, shallow individual that has ever run for the Presidency. Denying more security at the Benghazi post because of the “aesthetics” was one of the most unethical and egregious acts I can think of to date. Any Democrat voting for Clinton has really set the bar very low. Oh yeah, that stupid slogan “I’m With Her” just makes me cringe. It really should be “If You Like Your Job, You Can Keep Your Job”. Except if you happen to be a coal industry worker she plans on putting out of work or a small business she wants to wreck by taxing and regulating it to death. What a piece of work!

For more information on the Clinton way of employing their high ethical standards read Clarice Feldman at the American Thinker if you haven’t. A very interesting read.



  1. Hi Lynn! Welcome back! I have definitely missed your writings. I am sorry to hear about your husband’s health scare, but I am very happy he is doing well. There is so much going on – Trump, Clintons scandals, even that loser kaepernick creep – I think you have your work cut out for you to catch up on your posts. You are always so insightful, and I look forward to reading all your posts. Best wishes for both you and your husband, and a very speedy recovery from that broken foot as well. I’ve been there before, and walking around in a “moon boot” and driving with my left foot for 6 weeks is not a lot of fun. Have a great long weekend.

    • Thank you so much for the kind wishes. I definitely will be playing “catch up” for the next week or so.

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