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“Put Her Face On a Milk Carton”-Dowd

Why would the reticent Clinton want to hold a press conference? She probably doesn’t remember all the lies she has already come up with to cover up the other lies she has told to cover up her corrupt and unethical maneuverings. So what does she do? She sticks like glue to her friends in high places to avoid questions from the press and, to collect boatloads of cash. Many on the right call Clinton incompetent but she is just being devious as well as an obvious liar. That whole “I don’t remember” is a ploy to cover up her deviousness and the lies upon lies she has told, It’s Been a Very Bad Week for Hillary, and the avoidance issue with the press, Hillary Clinton, rarely seen, rarely heard.

In the meantime Obama has decided his executive powers are enough to sign the new and improved climate deal at the G20 without benefit of Congress to ratify. To keep from having to go to Congress for ratification the agreement is being called a pact instead of a treaty. Read more at American Thinker

The White House argument for why Obama doesn’t need to get Senate approval is that the climate deal requires “an executive decision” rather than advice and consent of the Senate. If this is true, why did the Chinese president get his parliament’s approval for ratification? Why are most nations requiring a vote from their legislative bodies?


The Clintons have come up with another great idea and this one is absolutely “crazy”, as Trump has said. Bill thinks it would be just grand if Syrian immigrants were used to rebuild and rehab 10,000 homes in Detroit. What about giving those jobs to American workers who are already living there and need decent jobs? Every consideration should be taken to making sure Americans come first in any and all job markets in the US. As Dr. Carson said “we need to take care of our own people first”. We sure can’t take care of the whole world, no matter what Bill and Hillary think. It isn’t racist or anti-immigrant, as Hillary has suggested,  to put Americans first in their own country. Read more at Breitbart.

Showing Hillary the love. Compare and contrast

Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a backer of Democrats and a friend of the Clintons’, made sure attendees did not grill Mrs. Clinton at the $100,000-per-couple lamb dinner Mrs. Forester de Rothschild hosted under a tent on the lawn of her oceanfront Martha’s Vineyard mansion.

“I said, ‘Let’s make it a nice night for her and show her our love,’” Mrs. Forester de Rothschild said.

The True Believers in the LSM are shocked to find out the truth about Clinton. The destruction of emails meant to be turned over to the State Dept., the 13 Blackberries and five laptops destroyed and lost never turned over to the State Dept. which contained classified information. Then there are the emails concerning Benghazi that you and I will never know about because of their classification.  That is not incompetence, it’s a crime committed by devious Clinton and her aides and lawyers. Check out the video at Gateway Pundit







  1. How times have changed…LOL

    No barriers???? But Hillary Clinton voted for building just such a barrier as Donald J. Trump proposes. If Donald J. Trump and those who support control of American borders and the end of illegal immigration are “racist” “disgusting” “Nazis” or whatever, then what about the rational statements Hillary Clinton we, Hillary Clinton 2008 supporters applauded? Is this video a doctored Donald Trump video or is that really Hillary Clinton?:

    They don’t recognize Hillary anymore? What? They seem more like Trump supporters now.

  2. and this…from the same article

    “We know what Donald J. Trump is saying – because we wrote about it before he said it – “Enforce The Law”. We’re confused about this Hillary confusion though. Is stopping illegal immigration and enforcing our laws racist or not racist? If so is Bill Clinton racist? Is Hillary Clinton racist? Why would racists call Donald Trump racist?”

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