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She finally did it, Good ol’ Hillary stepped over the line. The rapist enabler, misogynistic, minority hating, destroyer of countries (along with Obama), Islamic terrorist enabler (causing so much grief in the EU) has attacked millions of American voters. Her simpering, smug, better than thou entitled attitude has always been distasteful but, now she is just plain trashy and has crossed a line. You don’t trash millions of Americans and expect to get my vote. Not going to happen. She may really “regret” using the words “basket of deplorables”, which really isn’t any kind of apology, in the upcoming election. What kind of self proclaimed uniter says that in a live broadcast?

As for the lily white upstanding FBI Director: Via Breitbart……all is not what it seems. You can decide this one.

Everyone on the left, media especially, keeps saying Hillary’s health should not be questioned. We should question any candidates health. What happened at the Memorial on Sunday, 9/11?  What caused her to almost collapse and have to be whisked away by her handlers? From what can be gleaned, she was stepping off a curb and almost went to her knees. Her handlers grabbed her up, put her in her SUV, and off they went. This from an eyewitness standing about 15 feet away and reported by FOX. Poor thing even lost a shoe in all the hubbub. Questioning her health is not un-American, it’s imperative we do so. For this to happen in a very public commemoration ceremony with thousands of people present isn’t something her aides and supporters in the media can hide from the public. Maybe she needs to triple up on those antihistamines if her “allergies” are that bad, non?  Her campaign will probably come up with a grand statement to cover this medical episode. My favorite  one will be how she became so overwhelmed with emotion by the suffering of the 9/11 victims of Islamic terrorism and the statements of their families at the service. Whatever they tell you will be a lie. Bet on it.

Don’t forget Benghazi Islamic terror attack also happened on 9/11.  Read more here

Last month, I retired from the State Department after 25 years of public service as a Foreign Service officer. As the Deputy Chief of Mission for Libya, I was the last person in Tripoli to speak with Ambassador Chris Stevens before he was murdered in the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on our Benghazi post. On this, the fourth anniversary of the Benghazi tragedy, I would like to offer a different explanation for Benghazi’s relevance to the presidential election than is usually found in the press.

This unforgivable act of betrayal by Clinton and Patrick Kennedy is more evidence of why Hillary has a poor concept of responsibility when it comes to security. It’s possible she was so busy meeting with all the special people who donated to the Clinton Corruption Enterprise, better known as the Clinton Foundation, she didn’t have the time to fulfill her duties as SoS. It pains me to know she will never be held accountable or prosecuted for the enormous harm she has caused to this country. Yes indeed, she is the sole person responsible for the expansion of Islamic terrorism in Libya. She definitely has a lot of blood on her hands in Libya.


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