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Condescending Snob and a Liar

While Clinton was Secretary of state 6 Billion dollars went missing. That’s the taxpayers money entrusted to State. Trump lost close to 1 billion of his OWN money, Clinton lost 6 billion of OUR money. While everyone seems to know about the Trump money lost in investments no one seems to know, or care, about the 6 billion lost at the State Dept. The media lack of attention of the Clinton failure to do due diligence when it’s taxpayer money doesn’t amaze me anymore. It’s more covering for the Clinton Corruption machine, known in media circles as a campaign.

The condescending snobbery of Clinton and her media hacks is never ending. Ohio, long a bellwether  state, is now touted as a “too white and uneducated” State filled with bigoted people. Ohio’s demographics haven’t changed, not one iota. We actually pay attention when a candidate goes into a rift on the national networks and threatens to put a whole lot of people out of work (think fracking and mining).
here, I’ll let you read the rest.

Florida is no cakewalk for Clinton either.

For some real fun go to The guy who purchased it for $7.30 sold it to Trump after first offering it to Clinton.

Question asked and answered. Breitbart

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