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‘Dame Van Der Cankles’

PJ Media has an article on what it’s like to run afoul of the leftist narrative. No more media darling for you Ken Bone.

Poor Ken Bone committed the cardinal sin of running afoul of a lefmedia false narrative. In the eyes of the MSM, Trayvon Martin was more innocent than a baby lamb. The courts thought otherwise but we mustn’t ruin a good leftist fairy tale now.
Look for a LOT more of this once Dame van der Cankles assumes her dictatorship next January. Incorrect opinions will be punished severely. Yes, it’s been happening under the current administration, but President Obama has one thing that Mrs. Bill doesn’t: a hobby. All those hours he spends golfing aren’t spent doing awful things to the American people. Hillary just stews in her sarcophagus all day, getting angrier by the moment.

Half the country are her enemies, the Deplorables. Parts of the rest voting for her deserve her derision, those crazy Catholics and Evangelicals, environmental groups, Blacks still on the Dem plantation, and the needy Latinos. From what we have gleaned from WikiLeaks, the only group she thinks is worthy of her are the elitist and wealthy who prop up her lifestyle through donations to the Clinton Foundation and her pay to play schemes. Oh, and the terrorist backing Saudis and Qatar who gave/give millions to the Corrupt Clinton Foundation.

The world said “never again” to genocide but, our pols are condoning it, every single day. Syria, Libya, Yemen, we have become the enablers of terrorism and tinpot dictators all over the world. What has happened to us? Obama and Clinton keep yammering about “our values” and “what kind of country do we want to be”. Certainly not the kind of country we have become under their incompetent guidance. Under their guidance the world has become a lot less safer for everyone. So, while Dame Cankle’s cohorts and the LSM are distracting the public with all the “look how awful Trump is” messaging, they avoid the truth about Dame Cankles and Obama and their clandestine “wars” and how they have devastated the ME and parts of Africa. This is their genocide, no one else is to blame as much as they would like you to think so.

As Zero Hedge states; “The Elite have no idea society is near the breaking point”. The Deplorables have a long fuse, but it’s still a fuse. The elite are the very worst of what America has become. That includes Dame Cankles. “She, like many of the self important, thinks her very existence is a favor to the rest of us”.

Yep, Patrick Kennedy up to his eyeballs in the Dame Cankles Corruption Network. Exactly what I’ve been saying for a year now. Shame on the FBI, Director Comey, for politicizing  an agency we thought was extremely trustworthy.
Read more at the American Thinker

New FBI documents given to the House Oversight Committee reveal a top Clinton aide, Patrick Kennedy, proposing a quid pro quo with the FBI to alter the classification heading of at least 1 email.
In return for the alteration, Kennedy suggested that he would open more coveted slots for FBI agents overseas

We may be Deplorables to the left, but we do not vandalize, beat, or denigrate the other half of the political spectrum for their views. We do not commit assault on voters who do not think like we do. We do not vandalize their cars. We just want to be heard. We are not racists, bigots, nor Islamaphobes. We just want to be heard. Make no mistake about it, we will be heard, one way or another. The left doesn’t speak for me.

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