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Fun things

Making fun of O-Care is so easy. But, this bunch left the door wide open for ridicule by lying to the American people and doing their best to cover their collective a**es by lying some more. Nothing is so pathetic as a sitting Preezy trying to cover up his lies by telling more lies. So, …

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“Nobody looks good wearing brown lipstick”

….particularly the media hacks who spend their time, doing their best, to make you think we’re in the next Golden Age of Camelot. Juan Williams got my attention while claiming Holder should be the one “investigating” Holder. He like so many others in the LSM is so invested in BO he can’t see the forest …

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18 Democrat Senators have written to Harry Reid asking for a delay in implementation of the Obamacare┬ámedical device act. Each and everyone of those Senators voted for it before they were against it. Now the same Dems who voted for this job killing piece of garbage are admitting it’s a job killing piece of garbage. …

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Get your game face on….

After that bizarre spectacle at the DNC it is more obvious then ever we can win this one. BO can trot out the Flukes, the Granholms, the Cleavers and anyone else but, it doesn’t change one pure fact, he is an abject failure when it comes to economic policy and, a big government pay to …

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Wasn’t that special?

WOW! That BO had them jumping in the aisles last night! From a slow start, building to a massive crescendo, as everyone shouted from their seats. Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show is back. He didn’t promise to cause the oceans to recede or the planet to heal, just begged to keep his job. Boy has …

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It’s Empty Chair Day!

So, all you “mavericks” out there get your chairs out and display them proudly! It’s also Labor Day. A celebration of the American worker. At least the ones who actually have jobs. The rest, not feeling so celebratory. They’re either out of work or in lowpaying or part time jobs. For all of you who …

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