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It ALL Starts With Obama

Listening to Preezy speak is a burdensome task. He sounds like a tweeney who wants everyone to be angry at someone just, well, because…. and all the name calling he does from his Preezy Podium, so juvenile and whiny, makes me gag. Dems and the media fall in line and also do the name calling …

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Playground Politics

Preezy called John Boehner this past week to let him know he wasn’t speaking to him, not about the debt ceiling or about the “Adorable Care Act“. I could understand that if BO was 6 or 7 and not the supposed ‘leader of the free world’. How the hell does he ‘seek negotiations’ with Putin, …

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What a hoot! BO comes out and makes the stern and angry announcement that Miller is gone from the IRS. Then we find out his time at the IRS is over in June anyway. Sooooo, phony, fakester BO came out yesterday to make a huge announcement that really has no effect on Miller or the …

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