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Not just on the National Mall, but everywhere. “The public must suffer, because the more the public suffers, the more pressure there’ll be on Congress to turn the lights back on.” The Naval Academy Athletic Association is a private organization not funded by the government. [Naval Academy Athletic Director Chet] Gladchuk said the Air Force-Navy …

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It ALL Starts With Obama

Listening to Preezy speak is a burdensome task. He sounds like a tweeney who wants everyone to be angry at someone just, well, because…. and all the name calling he does from his Preezy Podium, so juvenile and whiny, makes me gag. Dems and the media fall in line and also do the name calling …

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Petty and Pushy

Both great descriptions of Preezy and Mrs. Preezy. Preezy wants to bring as much discomfort and degradation to the American public as possible, ruining their vacations, while they plan another sojourn on Martha’s Vineyard. No vacation for you ….. Another federal employee has come forward to claim the Obama administration resisted efforts to ease the impact …

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