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Why is Obama blaming us?

It isn’t the American people who are too intolerant for words, it is Islam as practiced by jihadists. It is the Imam preaching in the mosques who spouts it is compassionate to murder LGBT people. It is the hard core Muslims who hate everything we stand for that feel it is their duty to murder …

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The Religion of Pieces

The Revolting Truth   We are coming o Rome. Islamic state threatens to throw homosexuals from the leaning tower of “pizza”. Hilarity ensues……    Politicalization of genocide. Susan Rice is complicit on more then one occasion. Indeed, Madeleine Albright, then the American Ambassador to the UN, opposed leaving even this tiny UN force. She also …

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Still stuck on stupid

No common denominator here,   Jobs for Jihadists program to be accompanied by courses in finger painting, basket weaving, drum circles. At the White House Summit on Extremism That Shall Remain Unspecified Because Violent Followers Belonging To Unnamed Extremist Movement Might Take Extreme Offense And Act Extremely, the feds are touting a groundbreaking new strategy to …

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Going to look a lot like WWI, with high tech. Troops being sent incrementally to the ME for “humanitarian purposes” and “constant combat”. The 4,000 troops from Fort Carson are trained and on the move. Obama said the Authorization to Use Military Force draft bill he sent Congress would not “call for the deployment of …

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Je Suis Charlie

Never Surrender The Onion’s Positively Brilliant Post About the Paris Attacks “Today’s horrific events only reinforce the idea that we cannot and will not let extremist zealots dictate what we can and cannot say,” is a comment that we will quote, but one that we do with a legitimate sense of uncertainty over whether it …

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Friday Bits and Pieces

The bringers of chaos are at it again….. you know the ones we formerly called the media. Those who consider themselves much more “enlightened” are labeling everyone whose opinions and experiences are much different then theirs. Why does the left insist on labeling people? Chris Matthews is one of the worst offenders when it comes …

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Explosions at the Boston Marathon! Will update as soon as more info comes out. 3 dead and at first report 30+ injured. Sounds like ball bearings were used as part of the packing. Continuing updates at the link Two more bombs found! (News calls them “devices). On a better note, Jenna’s baby…… World meet …

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