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Campaign Overload Season

Keeping up with all the crazy isn’t easy for average Americans. It’s as if nothing else is going on in the world. The US is bombing Boko Haram in Africa and Russian tanks in Syria. The EU is in a complete meltdown over immigration and the Brits are voting on a referendum to exit the Union.  …

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Denouncing and Flouncing

The media fell all over itself to denounce Trump, as did many Republican candidates and pundits. Trump was called incendiary, insensitive, a clown, not serious, damaging to the Republican “brand,” not what “we” are about, and so on I am so sick and tired of both sides of the political aisle explaining to us “who …

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Obama the Callous Liar

Never have I despised another human being until Obama. Now I find him beyond despicable but, gratefully acknowledge his “chickens have come home to roost”. He says he doesn’t want to play politics or have photo-ops. Oh frigging please. That’s all his presidency has been, nothing but parties, paycations, photo-ops, and partisan politics. No border …

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Olympic Recap

Hasn’t it been fun following MO’s travels around London?  She kicked Spongebob’s butt in soccer, drooled all over David Beckham, and shrieked her approval of the US athletes (finally she found something to be proud of that is American). We loved the Thakoon Chevron print blazer , originally priced around $1500,  now available for the …

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