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Resolution fulfilled! Removed every last vestige of the Asshat-in-Chief and his dull pushy wife from this computer. Insisting to myself it had to be done by News Years Eve, diligently applying myself, it has been completed. Eight years of Obama and his harpy wife is like a huge weight being lifted off us. His final Me Me Me address was so whiny, “look what I have done, aren’t you impressed?” NO, definitely not.

Stopping the stupid won’t be easy in 2017. The MSM is all about stupid and fake news. Is it any wonder they have lost all credibility, except for a few die hards? WaPo posted a news item claiming the electrical grid had been “hacked” by Russian foes. Not true, it was malware and, the computer (laptop) in question wasn’t linked to any other one or the internet. Our elections weren’t “hacked” either. Click on a phishing link, like Podesta did, and your leaked emails are in the hands of anybody and everybody. The DNC and Hillary campaign were warned time and again by the FBI their security enhancements were weak. But, Obama and the MSM just can’t seem to stop the stupid blaming anything and anyone for their loss. Here is the one and only explanation, they lost because the Federal Government and Obama’s pen and phone have ridden roughshod over ordinary Americans for the past eight years, that includes the First Harpy and her school lunch program. We just got sick and tired of the lectures, the outrageous charges of being racist, homophobic, islamophobic, sexist and, the elitists doing their best to make us feel we’re not good enough, strong enough or smart enough for self rule. From Glenn Reynolds USA Today Column….  a very good read.

So, here we are, Dems and Progs already pushing to delegitimize President Trump before he even walks in the doors of the White House with ex-President Obama leading from behind again. Not one of them is thinking about the US and us, just political motivation. This is why they lost big time in the elections. Obama’s “legacy” is a very shallow one and, they are just as shallow plotting to disrupt nominations by President Trump. They seem to forget there is another Senate election coming up and they will have to defend 18 seats in states that voted overwhelmingly for Trump. From McClatchey…read it all.

Obama is going to reside in DC doing his best to use post Presidential power to save his “legacy”. The legacy that has caused the deaths of hundreds of thousand of people all over the ME and Africa. The same legacy that gave China a pass on hacking into the Office of Personnel and stealing technology from the military. The legacy that weaponized the IRS against his enemy, conservatives, using every alphabet agency to bypass Congress by making rules and regulations without consent of the people or any input by the people. He was cheered on by Progs but they have thoroughly angered the ordinary citizen, the ones in flyover country. Many of those Senate seats coming up look tenuous at best for staying in the so called Democrat fold. None of Obama’s executive orders will save them.

“All Your Base Are Belong To Us”

To that end I propose the following highly amusing program. I am going to drop a line to every right wing pundit I can think of, from Ann Coulter to Rush Limbaugh, referencing this column and suggesting that we should greet the ascension of Donald Trump to the oval office, this 20th of January, by flooding the internet, the airwaves, and the legacy media with the old but still fun meme:

All Your Base Are Belong To Us.12

Works for me!

Although belated, a very Merry and Happy New Year to you all!

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