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We are coming o Rome. Islamic state threatens to throw homosexuals from the leaning tower of “pizza”.

Hilarity ensues……  leaning-tower-of-pizza


Politicalization of genocide. Susan Rice is complicit on more then one occasion.

Indeed, Madeleine Albright, then the American Ambassador to the UN, opposed leaving even this tiny UN force. She also pressured other countries “to duck, as the death toll leapt from thousands to tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands … the absolute low point in her career as a stateswoman.”

In a 2001 article published in The Atlantic, Samantha Power, author of the Pulitzer-Prize winning A Problem from Hell who is now Rice’s successor as American Ambassador to the United Nations, referred to Rice and her colleagues in the Clinton Administration as Bystanders to Genocide. She quotes Rice in her 2002 book as saying, “If we use the word ‘genocide’ and are seen as doing nothing, what will be the effect on the November.

How cold blooded and calculating can any human being be?

That Rice would have brought up the midterm elections as a more important consideration than stopping the mass murder of so many men, women, and children that their bodies were damming the rivers of Rwanda is one of the most heartbreaking pronouncements ever uttered by American official.

But she did not stop there.

Rice then joined Madeline Albright, Anthony Lake, and Warren Christopher as part of a coordinated effort not only to impede UN action to stop the Rwandan genocide but to minimize public opposition to American inaction by removing words like “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing” from government communications on the subject.

“Never again”, for the Democrats, has turned into a huge “never mind”. I guess #black lives only matter in politics than genocide when Rice was in the Clinton Administration and now in the Obama Administration. Asking anyone to vote Democrat is asking them to support genocide on a massive scale, over and over again. Don’t think for one second Hillary wasn’t aware of this either.


Egypt has finally made their move…declares Hamas a terrorist org.

“It has been proven without any doubt that the movement has committed acts of sabotage, assassinations and the killing of innocent civilians and members of the armed forces and police in Egypt,” the court wrote, according to state news agency MENA.

The ruling said that Hamas’ fighters had used heavy weapons against the army, and that the group was colluding with the Muslim Brotherhood, which Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi has described as the root of extremism. Morsi belonged to the Brotherhood.

“It has been also ascertained with documents that (Hamas) has carried out bombings that have taken lives and destroyed institutions and targeted civilians and the armed forces personnel,” the ruling said. “This movement works for the interests of the terrorist Brotherhood organization.”

On its official website, Hamas called the decision a “shocking and dangerous” one that targeted the Palestinian people.

Here’s a suggestion to the Palestinians, stop killing Israelis and Egyptians. That’s why there is a wall between you and them on both sides of Gaza.












What’s Going On

According to Kerry Moscow has been lying to his face but, we already knew that. Other liars are located in Iran. Yes, that Iran that Kerry is also negotiating with, whose foreign minister keeps screaming and shouting in Kerry’s face during the ongoing nuclear proliferation talks. Since 2006 there have been rumors of a secret facility built near Tehran at a military base located on Army Boulevard. Looks like the jig is up and the secret is out. Pictures of the facility have been smuggled out of Iran and into the hands of the NCRI. One  picture shows a 6″ thick lead lined door leading into the underground facility. Something tells me the State Dept and Obama will do their best to keep this as quiet as possible. After all Obama’s legacy is far too important to insist this be investigated.  Maybe Congress will get off their compliant asses to insist on sanctions. The other news is Iran has smuggled at least 1 billion dollars of US bank notes into the country.

An Iranian government official with knowledge of how the dollars were obtained said front companies had “mushroomed” in Dubai to facilitate payments to Iran.

The use of multiple front companies, which bought dollars from currency traders in Dubai and Iraq, was preferred as it concealed the overall size of the dollar purchasing operation, the Iranian and Western sources said. Front companies operate at arm’s length from the Iranian government or state-backed organizations, the sources said.

Suitcases full of dollars were carried to Iran from Dubai, and sometimes Turkey, the Iranian government official said. Groups of three or four couriers would usually fly first or business class, the official said.

In return for dollars, the front companies were paid in United Arab Emirates dirhams or oil, the Iranian and Western sources said.

A report last year by the U.N. Security Council’s Panel of Experts on Iran said Iran had used cash and money changers to help get around banking restrictions.

Now contrast the kid glove treatment of Iran to the nasty political verbiage coming out of the White House in regard to Netanyahu. Susan Rice, yes that lying hack (Benghazi), made it clear:

 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s acceptance of an invitation to address the US Congress, without the blessing of the White House, is destructive to US-Israeli ties, a senior official said….[snip]

Rice, in an interview Tuesday with journalist Charlie Rose on PBS, said US relations with Israel have always had a bipartisan nature. But the invitation for the speech now breaks that tradition and adds a political component, she said.

“What has happened over the last several weeks by virtue of the invitation that was issued by the Speaker and the acceptance of it by Prime Minister Netanyahu two weeks in advance of his election is that on both sides there has now been injected a degree of partisanship,” Rice said.

“Which is not only unfortunate, I think it is destructive of the fabric of the relationship,” Rice added.

The only thing destructive to our allies is having Obama sitting in the Oval Office. It has nothing to do with politics or elections and everything to do with Iran. Obama’s legacy is leaving the world in tatters all for his personal political one-upmanship. How he can sleep at night after unleashing hell on the innocent people of the ME is beyond understanding. It’s Obama who has caused the deaths of thousands and the displacement of millions.


One bright note in the ME this week, a US jury found the PLO and PA responsible for the deaths of dozens of Americans in terrorist attacks. Finally, after decades, justice is served. Of course, there will be appeals but, the evidence is irrefutable. They are the originators of the suicide bomb and terrorism. The PLO were the instigators of a 19 year civil war in Lebanon as well. The head of the PLO, Meshad has left Qatar, another state that has spent millions supporting terrorism,  and is now a “guest” of Turkey. He’s running out of places to hide.

Jurors in Manhattan federal court awarded $218.5 million in damages to 10 American families who brought the case, a sum that is automatically tripled to $655.5 million under a 1992 U.S. anti-terrorism law, lawyers for the families said

Read more:


Just when you think it couldn’t get much worse at Foggy Bottom.

State Department’s top counterterrorism official arrested in child sex sting


James O’Keefe isn’t the only one going after money grubbing Sharpton

Cable giants Comcast and Time Warner — along with Al Sharpton — are being sued  by the National Association of African-American Owned Media (NAAAOM) for discrimination.Comcast and Time Warner recently announced they were merging. The complaint charges that the companies effectively bought protection from Sharpton and other black advocacy groups against possible claims of racial discrimination, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


Victoria’s Secret political strategy, what’s not to love.

Mrs. Clinton’s campaign message… will involve frequent references to being a mother and grandmother and to how her family has inspired her to embrace policies that she believes would help middle-class families.

As one Democrat close to her put it, voters have learned that she is tough; now she can also present herself as a sensitive candidate capable of nurturing the nation at a difficult time.

She did so well running the State Dept, bringing home all those treaties, we should just hire her for Preezy  because she has lady parts? Give me a break!







Still stuck on stupid

No common denominator here,


Jobs for Jihadists program to be accompanied by courses in finger painting, basket weaving, drum circles.

At the White House Summit on Extremism That Shall Remain Unspecified Because Violent Followers Belonging To Unnamed Extremist Movement Might Take Extreme Offense And Act Extremely, the feds are touting a groundbreaking new strategy to fight terrorists.

The Religion of Perpetual Outrage is just misunderstood and, anyway, it’s all our fault.

Vice President Joe Biden opened the convention of jihad-coddlers on Tuesday by emphasizing the need for “respect” (cha-ching) and “a sense of community.” White House senior aides spoke generically about terrorists of “all shapes and sizes,” as they studiously avoided the precise nature and identity of the perpetrators of evil that precipitated the meeting.

We aren’t nuanced enough to figure out the difference between Islamic extremists burning people alive, beheading people and committing genocide, and Muslims like Dr. Zuhdi Jasser who are just as appalled by the extremist element of Islam.  Why does the Community Organizer-in-Chief think the crazies of Islam have “legitimate grievances”? Isn’t he “nuanced” enough to see the difference between them and ordinary Americans who practice Islam?  BO, whether he realized it or not, made this whole Sociology 101 speech all about religion. He failed miserably – Bless his little heart.


The love affair is over. BO blames the (gasp) media for the distortion of Islam to the general public. He should just stop talking.

. So the image they get of Muslims or Islam is in the news. And given the existing news cycle, that can give a very distorted impression. A lot of the bad, like terrorists who claim to speak for Islam, that’s absorbed by the general population.

Has anyone else noticed the BO has taken sides in the Sunni/Shiite conflict that’s ongoing?

Deaths from Islamic terorists









Time Out

A U.S. federal judge on Monday temporarily blocked President Barack Obama’s plan to protect millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation, an issue likely to be seized upon in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Ruling in favor of about two dozen U.S. states opposed to the plan, U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen in Brownsville, Texas, said the administration had not complied with procedure.

From the Washington Times

“The DHS was not given any ‘discretion by law’ to give 4.3 million removable aliens what the DHS itself labels as ‘legal presence,’ ” Judge Hanen wrote in issuing an injunction. “In fact, the law mandates that these illegally-present individuals be removed. The DHS has adopted a new rule that substantially changes both the status and employability of millions. These changes go beyond mere enforcement or even non-enforcement of this nation’s immigration scheme.”

Illegal aliens complaining because they can’t get free stuff. Living in suburbia is just so hard, they’re the victims doncha know.

he quickly learned that being poor and undocumented and living far from the well-established immigrant networks found in the nation’s big cities made life especially difficult. There was the absence of public transportation (he cannot legally drive), the scarcity of lawyers with immigration expertise and a feeling of isolation fed by his inability to speak English and the lack of opportunities to learn it….[snip]

Carina Diaz, 31, who emigrated from Mexico in 2005 and lives in Genesee County, said that until recently, her children’s schools neither provided translators for parent-teacher conferences nor translated important documents into Spanish.


The Obama administration will not accept applications for legal status from undocumented immigrants on Wednesday after a federal judge in Texas blocked implementation of President Obama’s policy deferring the deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said the administration would appeal the court ruling. “in the meantime, we recognize we must comply with it,” he said.

Most Americans are very open minded. We are not against legal immigrants nor their choosing to apply and come here. But, we are not interested in welcoming those who come here illegally, it doesn’t matter which country you come from, what your religion happens to be, or the color of your skin.


Going to look a lot like WWI, with high tech. Troops being sent incrementally to the ME for “humanitarian purposes” and “constant combat”. The 4,000 troops from Fort Carson are trained and on the move.

Obama said the Authorization to Use Military Force draft bill he sent Congress would not “call for the deployment of U.S. ground combat forces to Iraq or Syria.”

While BO keeps insisting he needs a new AUMF, he is very busy ramping up our troop presence in the ME. This deployment brings the number to 7,000.

Egypt has now entered “the war” as they bomb Libya for the beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians.

Egypt launched airstrikes on Islamic State targets in Libya this morning as it ‘seeks retribution’ for the barbaric filmed beheading of 21 Coptic Christians.

There were at least seven strikes in Derna in the east of the country, which has become a hotbed of Islamic extremism since Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown in 2011.

It is the first time Egypt has announced military action against Islamist targets in its western neighbour, having previously denied it targeted militants there, and the first time militants connected with the Islamic State terror group have been hit with airstrikes outside Syria and Iraq.

 More “enemies of the State”.  Does this sound familiar?

 “I have been warning of this since 2011. Unfortunately, we are galloping at full speed toward … a point where the society drifts into clash and becomes unmanageable.”


Kill a Jordanian  or Egyptian citizen the leaders kill you back, kill American citizens our leader goes golfing and fundraising. His “enemies” aren’t Islamic, they are us, according to his “world view”.




“We will redouble our vigilance”

Think about BO’s list of “enemies”.  Extremist  Now he’s asking us to remember that during the Christian Crusades there were a lot of terrible things done in the name of religion. He has to go back that far, to 1095, to find an equivalency to the Muslim extremists of the 21st century? Pretty pathetic that he tries, just like the Islamists, to paint a picture of the Christian west with as ugly a brush as possible. In the mean time, Islamists are committing genocide in the ME and Africa, raping little girls, enslaving them and the women, doing their best to wipe out every single minority faith, beheading, crucifying and burying little boys alive. But, at the National Prayer Breakfast he protects the savages of Islam by equating them with the Crusades. His Islamic upbringing is showing and it’s pretty ugly on the face of it.

We have a UN Ambassador, Samantha Powers, who has won Pulitzer Prizes for her books concerning genocide. Where is she? Where is her voice in the wake of the genocide in the Sudan, or in the ME or for that matter Africa. Boko Haram kills 2,000 villagers and we don’t hear a damned thing from BO or Powers. ISIS (ISIL) commits genocide in Iraq and Syria and again, nothing. While children are being mass murdered our PC government sits on their hands, says nothing except “we will double our vigilance”. How sick and perverted is that and, what does it even mean? Does it mean the US will keep watching as they behead our citizens and burn people alive (just like Mohammed did)? Will his all important Iranian deal let him overlook the mass murdering of children for the sake of his legacy (just like Mohammed did)?

Turkey won’t enter the fray and the UAE has dropped out of BO’s “coalition”. The reason is perfectly clear, Assad of Syria (Iran’s lapdog) will stay in power through the “Iran Deal”. His deal with Iran is another North Korea in the making. He refuses to arm the Kurds, don’t want to upset Turkey more than he has, and arming the Sunnis fighting against ISIS (ISIL) will upset the Iranians who will then walk out on the Faux Deal. So the savagery continues for the sake of BO’s “legacy”. It’s all about him, always has been.

American Thinker

The civilized world is not obligated to sacrifice precious lives, even for a profoundly moral cause.  We are not infinitely powerful.  But we have an elementary right and duty to tell the truth, and to act on it when we can.  Obama’s abandonment of millions and millions of people is a cruel defeat for elementary morality.  Those who don’t get that are sociopaths, and those who twist it are liars.  Abandoning Afghanistan is not, as the delusional left will say, some sort of victory.  The rise of barbarian sadistic regimes, those who routinely oppress all women and girls because they can, is not – repeat: not – a wonderful moral victory.

All of this is the result of BO’s foreign policy and his micromanagement of the Defense Dept. No one trusts him, no one believes anything he says.








Stupid Stuff

State Dept “fixing everything” the most juvenile of ways… trying to assuage their guilty consciences for the damage they have done all over the world. Still, you just can’t fix stupid nor arrogance, hashtag diplomacy.

Savannah Guthrie insults thin skinned Pouter-in-Chief in interview…NBC’s Guthrie Grills Obama: Critics Say You’re ‘Delusional’ And ‘Passive’ on Terrorism -  Well, you know she is never going to get another interview.

“The criticism that I hear a lot of you, even from your political allies, is you came into office, you were the president that was going to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and that you are so focused on doing that and not getting the U.S. entangled in another war that you are sometimes slow to react, that you’re passive.” Obama again showed his frustration at having someone hold him accountable: “Savannah, you’ve repeated that comment three different ways…” He proceeded to take a shot at critics “who want us to shoot first and aim later” and “typically get this country into really bad situations.” Guthrie pointed to the reality in the Middle East: “Haven’t the forces of militant extremism, Jihadism, grown stronger on your watch? If you look at Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen – a place where Al Qaeda’s – that branch is so active and vicious and now the government, our ally, just collapsed.”

The only really bad situation is having BO elected.

Another of Bo’s priorities, fighting obesity in India. Again, reality doesn’t seem to be one of his strong points. Butt, he is willing to give MO’s NoFatKidsBehind initiative to the Indian government to fight chronic childhood obesity.

Obama Commits to Fight Obesity in India

UN ranks India as one of the most undernourished countries in the world

The president did not address the United Nation’s World Food Program ranking of India as one of the hungriest countries in the world.

UN agencies and non-governmental organization have pointed to undernourishment, and underweight children, as a serious problem in India.

“An estimated 32.7 percent of the Indian population lives on less than US$ 1.25 per day,” says the UN World Food Program. “The country is home to a quarter of all undernourished people worldwide. Any global impact on hunger requires progress in food and nutrition security in India.”

He’s turned the ME into an inferno, hope India turns down his “help”.

Muslim Brotherhood (CAIR is a member) visited the State Dept., declares “jihad” two days later. BO’s buddies at it again, expect more carnage as BO and State try to topple Al Sisi’s government to benefit the Islamic caliphate (much like they are doing in Israel).

Open Jihad Declared in Egypt Following State Dept. Meeting with Muslim Brotherhood-Aligned Leaders

The Brotherhood’s renewed call for jihad comes at a time when current Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is cracking down on the group and imprisoning many of its supporters, who notoriously engaged in violence following the ouster of Brotherhood-ally Mohamed Morsi.

Egypt experts said the timing of this declaration is an embarrassment for the State Department.

“The fact that the Brotherhood issued its call to jihad two days after its meeting at the State Department will be grist for endless anti-American conspiracy theories about a supposed partnership between Washington and the Brotherhood,” said Eric Trager, a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP). “The State Department should have foreseen what an embarrassment this would be.”

When you hire a bunch of high school freshmen expect to be embarrassed by their incompetence.

UPDATE: Psaki admits lying to the press about Muslim Brotherhood.


Winter arrived, 15 inches of the white stuff fell yesterday.

snow 2015 yep, we are digging out.

Getting It Right?

Looks as if Bergdahl will be charged with desertion in spite of BO’s objections. That Rose Garden photo-op is such a major embarrassment for him. Trading jihadists for a deserter is such a coup.


According to the colonel’s internal Pentagon sources, the Army has already charged Bergdahl with desertion but has been stymied in pursuing the normal court-martial processes due to oppressive command influence from the White House.  According to Shaffer’s sources, the immediate culprit is Ben Rhodes, current deputy national security adviser for strategic communication for Barack Obama.

White House fear is totally understandable.  If you had traded five key terrorist leaders for one American G.I. and your hero turned out to be a deserter who willingly left his post and his unit and went over to the enemy in time of war, wouldn’t you be embarrassed?  Worse, had you quite publicly invited said deserter’s parents to stroll congenially and intimately through the White House Rose Garden with you, and then had that event broadcast round the world, wouldn’t you be embarrassed?
Read more:

Served with “distinction”?


The rest of the story Michelle Malkin …read it all

 “The fact that our government negotiated with terrorists and our enemy is incomprehensible. The fact that they exchanged five war criminals for a traitor is sickening. The worst part for those of us that suffered through that time is that PFC Bergdahl is being hailed as some kind of hero. He was automatically promoted to Specialist and Sergeant, ranks he does not deserve and did not earn. [snip]Are you listening, Capitol Hill and America? The Bowe Bergdahl mess isn’t just a story about one deserter, but two. There’s the muddle-headed lowlife who left his post and brothers behind. And there’s the corrupt commander-in-chief who has jeopardized more American soldiers’ lives to “rescue” Bergdahl by bowing to the Taliban, while snubbing the surviving heroes and at least 8 dead American soldiers who lost their lives because of him.

There are also claims he hasn’t been charged. If he hasn’t been it will be for political reasons to keep the Clown-in-Chief from looking like a major asshat. It would also make their “claims” about Benghazi incredulous and might hurt Shrillary in her campaign to become Preezy. State Department Blocking Benghazi Committee Access To Witnesses

The State Department is blocking Congressional access to key first-hand witnesses of the 9/11 Benghazi attacks, citing a need to protect their personal safety.

“We understand the committee’s interest in interviewing these agents and I’m sure the committee does not want to take any action that would create risks to their personal safety or their ability to do their jobs,” Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Joel Rubin said during his opening statement at a hearing today of the Benghazi Select Committee.

and all emails?


Congrats Texas,

An Islamic Tribunal using Sharia law in Texas has been confirmed by Breitbart Texas. The tribunal is operating as a non-profit organization in Dallas. One of the attorneys for the tribunal said participation and acceptance of the tribunal’s decisions are “voluntary”.


Foreign Firm Funding U.S. Green Groups Tied to State-Owned Russian Oil Company. Known as a non-profit giving millions to green groups in the US.

A shadowy Bermudan company that has funneled tens of millions of dollars to anti-fracking environmentalist groups in the United States is run by executives with deep ties to Russian oil interests and offshore money laundering schemes involving members of President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle.

I would like to recommend two programs that caught my eye by chance. One is called “Patriots Rising”, a historical account of the contributions made by average Americans and their heroic efforts in the Revolutionary War. Most of them were just children in their teens, it was totally amazing. Seen on the American Heroes channel. The other is an ongoing series called “The Sons of Liberty”, some artistic license, but a great background on the why and where of the Revolution. Want to know why we are who we are, best learn where we came from. Available on the History Channel.

open thread…










Embarking on another “hike the tax rate to fund my social justice and fairness agenda”. How else will BO fund the “free two year community college program” he thinks will get “folks” better jobs that will cost taxpayers billions? Another political ploy so the left can claim they are for the poor and downtrodden while hitting out at the R-words as the party of the rich. Obama will back hikes in taxes at the SOTU

The Journal report also indicates that that the revenue raised from these tax hikes will go to pay for new programs like his proposal for “free” community college. Obama will insist that all of his proposed tax increases target the wealthy but, according to Americans for Tax Reform, that’s not entirely true.

One of the tax hikes will target formerly tax-free savings in 529 college savings plans, the advocacy organization revealed. “Under the Obama plan, earnings growth in a 529 plan would no longer be tax-free,” ATR claimed. “Instead, earnings would face taxation upon withdrawal, even if the withdrawal is to pay for college. This was the law prior to 2001.” [snip]

Even though some of these tax increases will do the middle class no favors, it is not clear they will be rejected by a majority of the public. Pollsters increasingly find that the Democratic Party’s message of economic populism is resonating with a public that has not seen their incomes increase in years.

It all sounds great until one realizes this is just another Grubering of the American public using more of that fuzzy math and populism.



Liberal chick is taking flying lessons in a two-seater airplane with just the pilot. He has a heart attack and dies. She is frantic and calls out a May Day.

She hears a voice over the radio saying: “This is Air Traffic Control, and I hear you loud and clear. I will talk you through this and get you back on the ground. Just take a deep breath. Everything will be fine! Now give me your height and position.”

She says, “I’m 5’4″ and my position is I support Social Justice, the IPCC, Multiculturalism, Amnesty International, Palestine Liberation and President Obama.”

“O.K.” says the voice on the radio…”now repeat after me:  ’Our Father who art in Heaven’….”

A prime example of the “#blacklivesmatter” crowd. Here is another one, Protesters who shut down Boston interstate are exactly how you pictured them.


Marc Lamont Hill off to Palestine to group up and forge a bond. It seems they really don’t know that Pals are just not into black lives or their matters. Laugh inducing “flash mob” beclowns themselves.

Robin in Deadwood Forest

It would be a great comfort to hope that the president really doesn’t mean it, and having announced his scheme repairs straight to the golf course. Otherwise it might finish up like president Obama’s other great success: his victory in the War on Terror, that great achievement from which the world is still recovering. Michael Gerson in the Washington Post writes:

President Obama’s 2014 State of the Union address is remembered today mainly for this bit of rhetorical irony: “America must move off a permanent war footing.”

It was the triumph of speechwriting over experience. Obama’s pledge came about three weeks after the fall of Fallujah to the Islamic State. By June, Mosul would be overrun. Global jihadism now has a cause — Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s sham caliphate — around which to rally. It controls unprecedented territory and resources. It has a stream of thousands of Western recruits cycling in and out of the Middle East. And it encompasses a dangerous competition between the Islamic State and al-Qaeda, in which acts of terrorism are a source of street credibility.

When the Five Year Plan’s goals have been exceeded, you know you’re in trouble. Ordinary people can live with government failure. It’s their triumphs that are hard to survive.  Robin Hood: of all the characters to be. Couldn’t the president try to be like Popeye instead?







A Special Kind of Stupid

More and more ‘fatwas’ being issued to forbid the most mundane of activities. It’s like those governing  have lost their collective minds, as if there aren’t a million real problems that need to be addressed.

children-having-fun-with-a-snowman Seems innocuous enough, children building a snowman, but not to the Saudi cleric who has condemned this fun activity as un-Islamic. Saudi cleric condemns snowmen as anti-Islamic

Asked on a religious website if it was permissible for fathers to build snowmen for their children after a snowstorm in the country’s north, Sheikh Mohammed Saleh al-Munajjid replied: “It is not permitted to make a statue out of snow, even by way of play and fun.”

Quoting from Muslim scholars, Sheikh Munajjid argued that to build a snowman was to create an image of a human being, an action considered sinful under the kingdom’s strict interpretation of Sunni Islam.

“God has given people space to make whatever they want which does not have a soul, including trees, ships, fruits, buildings and so on,” he wrote in his ruling.

So, children, get busy reading your Koran and remember, “there is no fun in Islam”.


U.S. airstrike in Syria may have killed 50 civilians. Yes, the horror of it all! from McClatchy

The U.S. Central Command, which had not previously announced the airstrike, confirmed the attack Saturday in response to repeated McClatchy inquiries. “Coalition aircraft did strike and destroy an ISIL headquarters building in Al Bab on Dec. 28,” Col. Patrick S. Ryder said in an email.

He said a review of the airstrike showed no evidence of civilian casualties but offered to examine any additional information, “since we take all allegations seriously.”

The number of “civilians” killed keeps rising the further you read into the article. There is a special irony in this type of report. Millions have been displaced and hundreds of thousands murdered by Muslims on both sides of the great divide of Sunni vs. Shiite. There are few who think this unacceptable, including our pResident, but, 9 civilians in an ISIL building are a huge deal. Meanwhile, Islamists all over the world are celebrating the deaths of unarmed civilians, which racked up more deaths, at the hands of their brothers. That really is a ‘special kind of stupid’. The ‘fatwas’ from their clerics keep them from progress and enlightenment. No matter how many modern technologies they have, none of them were produced in an Islamic country. All Islamic countries are end users. More enlightened Muslims are arrested and flogged and imprisoned for stating the obvious.


There is a ‘special kind of stupid’ prevalent in the media as well. Men Without Chests

The New York Daily News’s censorship is emblematic of the response of far too many media organizations to the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Peaceful people who are offended must deal with offense, but violent sociopaths who are thrown into murderous rages by cartoons? Their feelings must be respected. Welcome to 2015, where polite requests for decency are ignored, and childish temper tantrums are exalted as the means by which developmentally stunted neanderthals get whatever they want.

CNN has a special kind of stupid going for it.

For starters, note that the network is apparently afraid of even using the word Muhammad. Instead, the Islamic religious figure is referred to by CNN merely as “the Prophet.” Not a prophet. And not even the prophet. “The Prophet,” with a capital P.

If we are to take CNN’s memo at its word, no other prophets existed before or after Muhammad. He is literally the only one. Forget Moses. Forget Abraham. Forget that both are major prophets for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Nope. Muhammad is the only one (even if that statement itself is heretical to the ideology they’re desperately trying not to offend) and he will be faux-respected by fearful news executives, even if that faux respect results in the blatant disrespect of other religions that outright reject Muhammad’s alleged teachings. Your offense is only worthy of note if comes packaged with a death threat.

Pipes has solved the issue of Islamists in France. Just asking them to do what the UN/US expects of Israel.







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