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Admission, never thought he would really fulfill all the campaign promises, but he’s doing it. Checking them off one by one and, has everyone back on their heels and running around like chicken littles shrieking ‘the sky is falling’. Remember when Obama furloughed all non-essential personnel during the whole funding of the government fiasco, then suggested sequestration, which everyone fell for hook, line and sinker? President Trump went one better, a hiring freeze on Federal workers. The executive order also states depts. may not hire outside contractors to get around the hiring freeze.

The CDC has cancelled their big conference on climate change. No one is sure why but, you can bet the Trump factor has a lot to do with it. Why is the Center for Disease Control even involved in the whole climate change debate? Their mission is to identify and research how to prevent deadly diseases.

Dims are holding seminars to learn how “to talk to real people”.    I guess their voters aren’t real people. This is group think at its worst yet. They actually think talking at and down to the American people is the best way to convince them to vote Dim. David Brock is heading this conference soooooo…..

“Criminal Deportations” high on President Trump’s list of things to do. He also has a “pen and a phone”. Executive orders coming down faster than the LSM can keep up with reporting. It’s such a pleasure being able to say that President Trump is doing exactly what he said, “America first”.

GOP finally decides two can play that game.

The Senate GOP has a message for the Democrats: Like it or not, we are going to fill the Supreme Court seat with or with you.

Oh, look some of the R-words are finally growing a spine.

Defunding organizations that sponsor terrorism.

Funding will be taken away from any organisation that is “controlled or substantially influenced by any state that sponsors terrorism” or is behind the persecution of marginalised groups or systematic violation of human rights.

There is more to come, he’s working fast and the R-words are finally getting around to supporting him. Can you hear us now?


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