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Always talking about fighting this thing or that thing. Nowhere in their vocabulary is the word “discuss” and see if there might be a compromise. They actually think they won the election and every single law or change has to be their way or no way. Harry Reid  is retiring because he knows he screwed up with his “nuclear option” thinking, in his arrogance, the Dems would win the Senate and the Presidency. Watching them burn is a great pleasure for this disaffected Democrat.

Tribal politics is no way to run a country. Offering “free stuff” is no way to win an election. Turning Americans against one another is a vicious and ugly way of politics. Dems did all that and much more. Now, they are running around acting all offended over their loss. The rest of us just look at them with disgust. All those “safe spaces” and grief counseling for young adults inspires not empathy but disdain for them and the academicians who provide those pathetic perks for the little snowflakes (emphasis on flakes). We, who voted for President-elect Trump, are just sick and tired of being told how to live, what to eat, how we should think and, the rampant thought police inundating us every single day with more of their faux outrage. We got tired of being ignored by the very people we helped elect. Your arrogance was your undoing. not a victim

If you think disrupting people’s lives with your riots and whining hysteria is a good idea, you are absolutely losing ground in the eyes of not only the opposition but, forcing people who did not vote for Trump to defend him and his supporters. If you think threatening the electors and harassing them will change anything you are dead wrong. You lost, get over it, go find a job, get back to classes and, stop acting like the world has ended.

From Victor Hanson

Millions of Americans, far from the two coasts, kept largely quiet. They either did not talk much to pollsters or they politely declined to reveal their true feelings. They tuned out talking heads and ignored blue-chip pundits. They did not listen to the shrill bombast of President Obama on the campaign trail or pollsters who ad nauseam declared Hillary Clinton the sure electoral-college winner.

They were not shamed or much bothered by the condescension they receive from the media and the Washington elite, who proved wrong or biased or both in their coverage. They believed that free trade was not worth much if it was not fair trade, that illegal and politicized immigration was as subversive as legal and diverse immigration was valuable, that real racists were those who used race and ethnicity to encourage others to break the law for their own political and elite interests, and that it was stupid to trust their job futures to those who never lost their own jobs while often losing those of others.

On that note, I wish you all a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving. We do have much to be thankful for this year.R 3


  1. Anonymous

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I appreciate your writing and always look forward to receiving your newsletter.

    • Thank you. Have a great Thanksgiving as we all count our Blessings.

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