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Smell the Fear?

The fear is coming from Dims and Progs who see their plans going down the drain. The greatest fear they have is President Trump may succeed in doing the obvious, to us, by bringing jobs to the inner cities, by lifting the disappearing middle class back to its rightful place as part of society and, by making their culture war irrelevant. Dims, including Obama, have weaponized the government against its own citizens. We all know the reports concerning the IRS, but it also includes the EPA and its over reach into our daily lives, the petty use of Park Rangers to close down access to national monuments, and, lately, the theft of land from the Western States by edict. They have become the most petty power hungry anti-intellectual group to have ever graced the Halls of Congress.
If Trump is successful, they will become relegated to the trash bin of history. That includes the Black Caucus and those who have embraced the party of slavery, Jim Crow, secession, the KKK, and every ugly part of Democrats history. There is so much infighting in their party they use Trump as a distraction. The Sanders/Warren wing are just as bitterly fighting the saner (if possible) Dims for the right to rule and promote their ideas of “social justice” (Democratic Socialist Party) as they are in trying to delegitimize Trump. The MSM is fighting its own battles, mostly against the truth of why Clinton lost in the Electoral College. They keep screaming about Clinton and the popular vote but, refuse to acknowledge we are a Representative Republic, a form of democracy. Their greatest fear is no one believes their reporting anymore. They lose relevance, they lose their jobs. As with anyone, the MSM is entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts. Yes, Russia did hack but, the facts do not support the Dims or the MSM view. At least the loons on the left have finally settled on a reason for losing.

For all the Congress critters not attending the inauguration, you are shameful. You undermine the peaceful transfer of power and the result will be a weaker US in the eyes of our detractors. You are not a good example of our “values” or what we represent. You really are an embarrassment.

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