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It’s Not Working

You can’t be hypocrites, disrupt other people’s lives, beat up people, rant and rave destroying property, shut down freeways and airports and ask us to support you. We don’t and won’t. The more mayhem you cause the more you will be rejected and so will your politics. Our system of government was set up to stop people like you from taking over this country. Wiser men than you made sure our way of governing would be protected by establishing the Electoral College. You lost, fair and square, get over it.

We don’t care what names you call us, it isn’t working anymore, especially when we know you are being supported and financed by a Nazi collaborator, Soros. You on the left didn’t do a damned thing when Obama suspended all immigration from Iraq nor when he ended the “wet foot, dry foot” for Cubans and sent 93 back to be tortured for wanting freedom from a miserable dictator. Not a peep out of you while Obama did nothing while hundreds of thousands of people were murdered in Syria and ISIS, the jayvee team, took over large swaths of Iraq.  You said nothing when, through the ineptness of then SoS Clinton and Obama, Libya was turned into a hell hole and became a breeding ground for terrorism and four Americans were killed including a US Ambassador. You, on the left, are little more than hypocrites.

President Trump is doing exactly what we elected him to do, unlike the politicians on the left who have done little more than lie to all of us, that includes you. We do need better protocols to vet all those entering our country. Coming to the US is a privilege, not a right. A halt on migrants from the countries Obama named as terrorist or supporting terrorism is a wise and common sense thing to do. Al Qaeda and ISIS both brag about the sleepers mixed in with refugees who will do harm to US citizens. The roll out of the executive order may have been a little sloppy but, Obama did the exact same thing and now should keep his overbearing mouth shut. None of us really cares what he has to say.

We don’t want to be like Europe mouthing platitudes and concerns while their citizens are raped and murdered in the streets. The handwringing does nothing to stop the carnage. They let gangs of lawless immigrants running in the streets, that is not being compassionate, it’s being stupid. Europe is finally coming to the realization they don’t want that either. That is why the right is rising there. Their citizens have had enough. All those people out protesting President Trump in the EU, we elected him, mind your own business.


H/T dchris81 posting at MOTUS

This is why It’s Not Working.

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