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A government that lies to its own citizens should command no respect. To accord them any is to make oneself complicit in their lies, which is unbecoming to a free people.

They call it a “political strategy”, feels more like political dishonesty. White House delayed a raft of regulations until after 2012 election The White House systematically delayed enacting a series of rules on the environment, worker safety and health care to prevent them from becoming points of contention before the 2012 election, according to documents …

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“You got to have it, to lose it”

Credibility, that is. Congressional approval is at 9%, deservedly so. But, it’s looking worse for the D-words than the R-words. Never fear, the D-words are going to “fix” all their problems, and yours too, by Friday. Excuse me for chortling at their predicament over the pernicious Obamacare junk insurance bill, Maybe if they had actually …

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‘They are willfully, determinately, civilly disobeying the law of the land,’

So says E. M. Swift in an essay for Boston’s National Public Radio. It thrills me to know the truckers are going to DC to protest and the Vets March will be there at the same time. They are asking us not to purchase anything from the 11-13 of this month in support of their …

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