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Media Meltdown

What a circus act the media has become. They got it wrong when it came to the election but, haven’t given up on the trashing of the President-elect or his picks for cabinet members. Now, the old media (except a very few) are having their own personal temper tantrum just like the little snowflakes. They will never, not ever, learn. The simpering love affair with Obama for the past eight years has been nauseating. His legacy of destructive policies were met with joy and affirmation by those Dems with bylines. Failure upon failure never reported honestly to the American people. Obama could do no wrong so why hold his feet to the fire. He was their ticket to a complete takeover of the country by progressives and the Dems were going to run the show for the next forty years, only it didn’t work out that way. His executive over reach didn’t bother them nor did his unconstitutional power grabs and rules and regulations made by the ABC government groups, many of which have been struck down by the Federal courts.

Now, the old media wants to give advice and tell the newly elected Donald Trump how to run his cabinet. They are either giving him advice or have screaming headlines about his cabinet picks. They claim his transition team is in total disarray when none of them have been granted the privilege of being informed on a daily basis what is going on. OMG, his picks aren’t diverse enough, they’re (gasp)  white men. Not only that but white men who don’t agree with the old media on policy and seen as bigoted, anti-Semitic and, did I mention (gasp) they’re white. The latest picks, Haley for UN Ambassador and Davos for Education Secretary, should set them back as well. Haley will be seen as not having any foreign policy experience. Davos appointment will upset the union because she is all in for charter schools. Plan on the denigration of two women by old media not because of their capabilities but, they don’t tow the progressive line.

In spite of all the propaganda used by the old media, their chosen candidate didn’t win. The hysterics translates into sack cloth and ashes and denial. How dare we take from them their assured candidate’s win. The fear mongering coming out of the MSM newsrooms has gotten beyond ridiculous.

Of course, CNN’s Chistianne Amanpour weighed in with a speech to The Committee to Protect Journalists, those privileged but beleaguered victims of bias and violence.  She bemoaned Trump’s tweet about the media inciting protestors.  Trump was right of course but Amanpour was overwrought.  She fears journalists like her are going to be “put in cages.”  Like most of her colleagues in the mainstream media, they cannot abide the fact that all their calculated propaganda employed to defeat Trump failed.   She is seething with rage that “The winning candidate did a savvy end run around us and used it to go straight to the people.”   Wow.  A candidate for President spoke directly to the people and won.

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By going to the people directly President-elect Trump didn’t give them the opportunity to interpret and analyze for us what he really meant. Smart, very smart. To make up for their time wandering in the desert the newsies just made stuff up to horrify and scare the snowflakes into protesting and rioting. Is it really surprising they have lost all credibility with the public who no longer trust them to reporting actual news. When push came to shove, the people decided to trust themselves and ignore the propaganda. As Glen Reynolds has stated on more than one occasion, “Just think of them as Democrats with bylines”.

One would think this bit of info would have made the news; Hot Air

Bharara is the guy who is currently going after Anthony Weiner… an investigation which produced all sorts of interesting information. And in August he announced that he was investigating corruption at the New York offices of the Clinton Foundation

Not a mention from the MSM. Another reason to never trust them to report anything of national interest.

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