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Keep Giving Them a Bigger Nicer Shovel

President-elect Trump is the gift that keeps on giving. His comments on flag burning have the lefty loons in a snit. So, they run to Trump Tower, burn a flag and tell him “your turn”. They just keep taking the bait and making total fools of themselves in front of the whole country. The White House took the bait too. Trump tweets about saving the Carrier jobs, at least one thousand, they jump and say Obama saved a million mfg. jobs. He did that in eight years? Doesn’t seem like a huge accomplishment does it. Ernst just reminded the voters how many jobs have been lost under the Obama/Dem economy by leaving the US and, how TPP will cost even more of them to leave. It’s also a reminder of how NAFTA, under William Jefferson Clinton, cost millions of jobs and a huge trade deficit. The hole just got bigger cause the Dems just keep on digging.

Pelosi was re-elected by House Dems in a secret ballot. She won the approval by 2/3. Talk about a party of old white people, the average age of the leadership is now 76 years old. Of course, Dems that voted her back in did so because she is a power house of fund raising. Watching her gush, knowing she lost one third of her compatriots in the House, was just pathetic. Looks as if the Dems are going to stick with their culture wars and identity politics for the foreseeable future. To pacify the younger opposition, she will be creating new positions for them to occupy and have more input. What a splendid idea! The infighting will be a thing of beauty for all to see, especially when the Dems are no longer in lock step with the leadership. While the R-words move forward and tout progress under our newly elected President, the Dems will be stuck plodding along in their regressive thinking doing their best to shut up any and all opposing views and stuck in their identity political viewpoint. They just keep digging.

Watching the Jill Stein circus for lame brains, including the Clintonistas, is another moment to relish. “Voter integrity” was never an issue when they were winning. But, now has become a “yuge” issue for them even though the vote has been certified by the three states Jilly girl is challenging. She’s missed the PA deadline of November 21 to file and, WI refuses to do a hand ballot count to please the little snippet. She’s going to need more money from the Cintonistas and they will oblige. They are calling for volunteers in WI to show up and keep an eye on the vote counters. Even the Green Party is disgusted with all these shenanigans and has removed every bit of her history from their Party. The Greens are furious that she would collude with a capitalist Party known as Democrats. What happened to the Clinton comment about not accepting the vote and, her concession call to President-elect Trump? The diehards just can’t help themselves. Keep digging. We will be more than happy to supply them all with bigger nicer shovels.

I, for one, am more than happy to keep giving them bigger nicer shovels to dig that deeper wider hole. It’s the very least we can do while they stick to their stale unworkable political view.





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